Owning a business as a creative can be quite daunting.  There are so many factors to consider when going from doing something for fun, as a hobby to making a business of it.  Worst, the outside pressure we feel from others to “stay true”, can add even more resistance to making your hobby a business.  Many think that “stay true” means not making any money from what you do.  They think that for some reason, money lessens your focus or the effort that you put into doing your craft.  The thing is that for us creative business owners its the exact opposite.

Why You're Not a Sell-Out Just Because You're a Creative Business Owner | BlissandFaith.com

Being compensated for our work, time, and effort gives us the motivation to continue it.  Acclaim and popularity are great, but they don’t pay the bills.  When you passionately believe that you have something to offer the world through your talent, you take it very seriously in wanting to share it.  There is no reason that you shouldn’t be compensated for providing your skills to others.  You deserve to be compensated, and shouldn’t feel as if you’re a sell-out for earning money for your craft.

Feeling as if you don’t deserve to be compensated for your skills can significantly effect your confidence.  You have to ask yourself why you feel this way.  Is it because:

1. You feel as if your work isn’t good enough?

2. Others won’t like it?

3. People will feel some kind of way that you want to make money from it?

4. You don’t take it seriously?

5. You’re not really passionate about what you’re doing?

6. There appears to be a lack of interest in it?

7. You’ve heard negative feedback about it?

Value Your Work

If you don’t value the work you put out, no one will.  It starts with you and your confidence with how you come across to others.  If you’re confident in what you do and you effectively convey that confidence, others will have no choice but to see the value in what you provide.  Unfortunately, although you can spend all day doing this you will still have haters, who will call you a sell-out, because in actuality they’re jealous of you.  There isn’t a nice way to put it, because you have to call it how you see it.  Its one thing if someone hasn’t done their due diligence, and conveyed the value of their work.  However, if they have and are still being called a sell-out, then you have to chalk it up to jealously.

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Why You're Not a Sell-Out Just Because You're a Creative Business Owner | BlissandFaith.comIts the same issue with celebrities and athletes getting multi-million dollar brand campaigns, promoting products that they 1) don’t use 2) get for free and 3) don’t stand behind or care less about.  Do you really think Jennifer Aniston uses Aveeno?  I’m not saying she doesn’t, but the chances are pretty slim when she can afford to go a dermatologists and be prescribed the highest end face wash and skin, that’s probably laced with diamond or some rare mineral that someone not in her position would never be able to get their hands on.  However, people have an issue when bloggers post sponsored content or call us sell-outs when we start selling products or services.  I’ve heard numerous times in the blogosphere, fellow bloggers say “where has real blogging gone?”, because all they see now are people selling things.  Well newsflash, blogging is a business now and the “real” blogging, probably only exist in limited capacities.

I’ve seen both sides first hand, especially in the blogging and creative entrepreneurial worlds.  People start doing sponsored posts or selling products or services, and their readership abandons them or aren’t supportive of it.  In all fairness, some do go about doing these things the wrong way, which is something that must be considered if you do or plan to start selling things in your digital space.  Are you:

1. Only posting sponsored content or talking about your products or services.

2. Pushing them on people either via your blog, social media, or newsletter.

3. Not providing or showing the value of your content in any other way.

4. Not giving your readership the why or enough information about your products or services?

5. Coming across as scammy or disgenuious with your sponsored content or products and services.

6. Putting little to no effort into the posts you create for them, and only posting advertisements for them.

Be Honest, Be Genuine, Be Successful

I can appreciate the bloggers who say straight up that they use content marketing to promote their business, because I use it here on Bliss & Faith.  Yes, I absolutely love to help other bloggers and creatives, but I also run a business and have a family to support.  There is nothing wrong with wanting or needing to make money from something you spend numerous hours doing and put so much dedication and effort into.

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Why You're Not a Sell-Out Just Because You're a Creative Business Owner | BlissandFaith.comI share my story as a mother, business owner, and creative in order to connect with others, form relationships, and help, however in doing so there is an added benefit of building my community.  This is the exact community that will support, promote, and potentially purchase from me.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it is one of the most genuine ways to market to people.  Marketing to people this way allows them to get to know you as a person and trust you.  You not only become a valued resource, but a friend.  People support people and organizations that they feel as kindredness to.  Positioning yourself as such means that people will not only love what you produce, but they will love you.  As long as you are providing legitimate value for your audience and letting them know how the service you provide and content you produce can benefit them, you’re doing the right thing.

Offer the World Your Amazing Talent

Don’t be discouraged from starting a business if you’re a creative.  You’re not a sell-out, you’re a talent individual who has something awesome and amazing to offer the world.  Build your tribe and surround yourself with people that genuinely want to see you succeed.  You may loose some “friends” in the process, but they were never really your friend to begin with.  A real friend, supporter, and advocate will support you in all your endeavors.  They will promote you, encourage you, motivate you, and boost you up selflessly.  One way to learn who your real friends are is to go after your dreams.  The ones who come along with you are the ones you want by your side.  There will be so many more to support you than those that won’t, so don’t let anything, or anyone hold you back!

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Have you ever felt like you couldn’t do something, because of a lack of support from others? – What are some of the things you do to combat the influence of negativity from others?


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  1. I love this post. It’s important to know your worth while still not sounding like a repetitive sells pitcher. I’ve seen a few bloggers who really gracefully use promoted posts by actually taking the product and putting it to use and make a post out of their experience with it!

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