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As a designer in today’s modern world, its so important to stay abreast of new things. As comfortable as it is to stay doing the same old thing that you know works, doing so can hinder growth and success. Up until recently I did all of my web design (both custom and premade) on the Genesis Framework. Its the industry standard for sites on the self-hosted WordPress platform and a great framework to build themes on. There are so many great things about the Genesis Framework, including the helpful community that it has. The possibilities of the type of sites you can create with it are endless, because it really is a robust piece of technology. However, I’ve realized that there are other great and more affordable options out there that may be just as good or better fit for my clients. For this reason, I’ve decided to start offering Squarespace design services and offering Squarespace as an option to have sites built on in my branding packages.

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Refreshing, Simple, & Clean Design

I’ve been a big fan of the clean and modern aesthetic that Squarespace offers for a while now. Being a developer on the Genesis Framework for so long, in which you can make a theme so robust (and cluttered), Squarespace is quite refreshing to me. The designs aren’t too bare to where its hard to tell where to add to it, but they’re also somewhat limiting in that you can only add so much, keeping it clean and minimalist. Designing on Squarespace will benefit my business in so many ways, because its not only an additional offering to my clients, but makes me a better designer on both platforms. I can take that same clean, modern, minimalist aesthetic and create on both platforms, focusing on content and copy in the branding and design process. This is the one thing I really like about Squarespace, is that there is a huge focus on content versus Genesis being more focused on design. I have a better idea of how to incorporate both for my clients, because I’ll be creating on both platforms and learning and taking things from each one to give my clients the most optimal site for their business.

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More Options for Clients

While exclusivity is great, its even better to be able to provide options to my clients. Additionally, I can use the vast skillset I obtained with designing on Genesis in designing with Squarespace. I’m so excited to be able to use my skillset in a new way that my clients can benefit from. The great thing is that no matter what platform a client is on, they can easily switch from one to the other at a later time. And you can guess that I’ll be right there to help with that migration all along the way. That will be another addition to my services that I’ll be offering soon, so definitely stay tuned for that as well! As I digress, however, I love that Squarespace offers a free two-week trial before you have to completely commit to it. Another really impressive thing about Squarespace is that is relatively affordable, with the hosting already built in.

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Affordable, All-Inclusive Pricing

Squarespace offers three different packages priced at $8, $16, and $24 a month (billed annually) and the packages come with a custom domain, ecommerce integrated, and 24/7 customer support. Its all in one place for clients, which makes the entire process of managing a website super simplistic. Squarespace is great for a newbie or non-tech savvy person who wants to blog or operate an online business.

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Easy to Use & Intuitive

The learning curve with it is a lot less than that of WordPress and Genesis.  I know that in working with clients in the branding process using Squarespace, that my turn around time would be faster than that of a WordPress/Genesis site. This is another reason that it’ll be so awesome to offer design work on both platforms. For clients that want or need a fast turn around time for getting their businesses and sites up and going, they can choose Squarespace. On the other hand, for clients who need a more robust site or have more time on their hands, they can choose a WordPress/Genesis Framework site. Its all about the needs of the client, and by offering more options it allows them to able to pick what is best for them. When a client can easily decided what’s best for them, it makes it easier on everyone. A more definite timeframe can be established, as well as design needs and elements for their brand through deciding between the two platforms.

The Final Push

Although I had been thinking about offering Squarespace as an option in my branding and design services for a while I felt a little daunted taking the leap.  Attending Mariah from Fempreneur.co and Jenna Soard from You Can Brand, 5 Must-Have Email Opt-Ins To Turn Your Squarespace Site Into A Conversion Machine webinar this past weekend really solidified my confidence in working with Squarespace.  It was amazing to learn even more about what Squarespace could do and how robust it really is.  I’m excited to expand on my offerings with using Squarespace, because this is just the beginning of a brand new line of services (and some products) I’ll be offering as I continue to build Bliss & Faith.  Can’t wait to share more with you very soon!

If you’ve been on the fence about starting a website or blog, Squarespace is a great and intuitive platform to get started on.  I would love to work with you on getting set up or even moved over if you already have a site and are looking for a fresh start and look.

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