Back in the day when I was a dedicated vlogger on Youtube, I used to do these type of videos all the time. I really liked them and figured I’d bring the idea to my blog.  Who knows maybe I’ll make a video to go along with it, but I can’t promise.  I’ll keep you all posted!

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave, here’s what’s in my shower January edition:


Shower Gels & a comb – I love shower gel, and so does Hubs!  I mentioned my affinity for Bath & Body Works shower in this post.  I got Hubs the C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body Wash for Christmas.  He loves anything minty.  I love anything sweet, as you can see from my delicious smelling 1/4 of a bottle of Vanilla Bean Noel.


His & Her shaving gels – Hubs shaves his head everyday for work, me well not my head of course, but I shave weekly. 


Shampoo & Conditioner – My trusty old Herbal Essences.  Original label of course.  I’m so glad they brought this line back.  I’ve always loved the smell and the plus side is that its sulfate free!


Face cleanser and beloved hot pink soap case – My skin is oily, yet sensitive, so I use a light weight foaming cleanser by Aveeno.  The hot pink soap is actually covered with embossed stars.  I’ve had it since college, yep…college!


Body Scrub – This is technically Hubs’ too, but I love the smell of it.  I got it for him with his other Mentha products he got for Christmas.  It helps him keep his head exfoliated and smooth.  I’m currently using a Japanese Cherry Blossom sugar scrub, but that’ll be featured in February’s addition of What’s In My Shower.

So for January…that’s what’s in my shower!  I have my essentials, and then my products that I like to switch up.  – What about you?  Do you use the same toiletry products monthly or switch it up throughout the month?


Tenns Reid

I'm Tenns, the blogger, graphic designer, and business + content creation strategists behind Bliss & Faith. This is my little corner of the web that I've dedicated to helping fellow bloggers and creatives reach their goals. I'm so glad you dropped by and hope that you that you find valuable resources here to help you achieve your dreams!

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  1. Fun! That Vanilla Bean Noel looks so yummy. (to smell, not to eat!)
    I switch it up with haircare products. This month it’s Pantene. I still have leftover Clairol Herbal Essences from the last purchase. And I always use a bar of Dove soap, preferably the pink kind. It reminds me of my grandmother. And a razor, some Noxema for my face..

    1. I used to love the pink kind too! For some reason I switched to the unscented a while back. I miss that Dove smell though, but still love my unscented. I think I switch body washes and shave creams the most. I’m a total product junkie!

  2. These look awesome, Tenns! I would love to see you vlog on here more. I know you did it for your pregnancy. I loved the idea of you doing a tutorial. You go girl! You have my support. 🙂

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