WIBBI posted what’s in my hospital bag, but now you get to find out what’s in baby’s bag. Honestly, I was pretty conservative, not wanting to overpack since the hospital provides majority of what you need for baby. Nevertheless, I thought I’d share anyways, because well…its exciting! I made sure to wash everything a few weeks ago with All Baby. I refused to buy Dreft, because that stuff is super expensive, even though they just sent me a $2 off coupon in the mail.  All Baby detergent had great reviews and I’m very familiar with the brand since I used to used it years ago. I even washed my breast pads in with baby’s things, because I figured if I’ll be breastfeeding and baby will be so close to that area that I’d be safest to wash those with the baby detergent. Most of what I packed is for baby to come home in, because like I said there’s not much I’ll need for baby while we’re in the hospital.

The rundown:

Outfit (2)
Swaddling blankets
Receiving blankets
Burping clothes
Nursing cover
Hand Sanitizer
Nail clippers

Happy bumping!


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