I usually reserve Sundays for my link up, Gingham & Roses, but I was feeling quite inspired and felt the urge to post.  I’ll first start off by saying that God is good!  This weekend is a pretty big weekend for me (and Hubs).  We’re finally getting the remainder of our things moved out of our place in Va.  So yeah, that means we spent all of Friday night and the wee hours driving the 600 miles up the East Coast.  My brother was nice enough to come along for the ride and of course our little guy was in tow.  Hubs’s sister was awesome enough to let us take her SUV, since we neither Hubs or I own one.  I was so happy, because that meant that we only had to drive one car up and that we’d have room to bring things back.  I’ve had to return to Virginia nearly 3 times, I know for a fact 2, since we moved down to Georgia in November.  Its a long trip, especially with a baby.  My mom drove us up those times, because my son had doctors appointments and I had business with my military stuff to take care off.  This move is the last part of starting over in Georgia, at home.

As I sit here in my last bubble bath in my Va home tying this, I don’t feel sad or really any kind of way.  I’m happy to be moving back.  Its what I need, my husband needs, and my son needs.  I also might be inspired, because between last night and right now, I’ve used my husband’s MacBook Pro more than I’ve ever used it.  I’m certain the fact that I completed and got two posts scheduled to go for next week is because of the MacBook.  I seriously wish I could justify getting one myself, but I have both a Sony Vaio laptop and an HP PC, plus and iPad…and of course an iPhone. Its just something about this MacBook though…just makes you want to work!

Nonetheless, as I digress, I’m feeling inspired, as I have a full two days of packing and moving ahead of me, I won’t have much time to blog.  This is one reason why I have two posts scheduled to go.  I probably won’t be jumping back into things until the latter part of this upcoming week.  My mind will be so much more clear and a burden off my back once I do return back home.  For 3 months, we’ve had to pay rent and bills from our place in Va.  That’s a lot of money!  The thing is that we are now a one income family, so we don’t have the money to pay for a place we aren’t even staying in. With Hubs’ work schedule, its been difficult for him to get the time off to come back up here to get things moved.  Its been weighing heavy on me, all while dealing with my own personal issues with my entire taking a 180.  Going from full-time working, military lifestyle, childless wife to a SAHM/WAHM has not been easy for me.  I’m used to be outside the home, on the go, and constantly moving.  I spend most of my days, all day with my son working from our room in my mom’s house.  Many times overwhelmed about the move, the money, and everything else.

So here’s to a new chapter, less spent money on bills at a place we no longer stay at, and being back in my beloved South!  God is guiding and leading me in my life everyday.  He has taken me on this path to lead me to where I’m at for a reason.  It has been a real test lately, but my faith never wavered.  If it weren’t for my relentless faith, I could and I’m sure would be in a bad place right.  However, although I tend to quite cynical, I’m very optimistic.  Sometimes the only option is to look up, not down and not back. To be honest you should really never do either, and always look up.  That might not sound very realistic, but you just have to embrace what’s in front of you and what’s ahead!

Embrace your struggle, embrace the future, embrace everything that life throws at you.  You will come out better on the other side!  That’s my inspiration for today, knowing that all is well, because it is and I’m sticking to it!

All is well!


Tenns Reid

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  1. Yay! I’m always glad when people don’t mind moving & when it’s a good thing. My brother has a MacBook & I love working on it too. I’ve got a HP laptop & an iPhone too but I do love using his MacBook. I wish you guys the best in getting settled in.

  2. I’m glad you were able to overcome things this weekend. Because I too had a rough week and all I did was embrace it all and let go of some that I couldn’t control. Everything turned out pretty nicely. Being optimistic is really the way to go if we want to continue living a happier life. Glad you’re happy with your move so far. Hope you have a fantastic week ahead! 🙂

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