I did one of these posts a while back and it was completely random. I’m not the best with series, as I tend to have commitment issues and always have ideas bouncing around in my head. I’ve learned over time to not promise readers or even convince myself that I can keep up with a series or even commit to doing one. However, posting every blue moon on a topic topic or following up on it…I can do that!

So yes, even though it’s Thursday there’s still 2 more days left in the week. There’s still so much more I want out of this week, that just because it’s already the middle of it doesn’t mean I have to push everything to next week. That’s one of the things I want out of this week: not procrastinating.

I thrive off of procrastination and I don’t even know why. It’s one of my biggest vices and I can’t live without it. The thing is, much like the rest of my split done the middle personality, I’m very prompt. When I get an order for my business, I almost always fulfill it ASAP. I rarely wait around and leave it sitting out there just cause. Customer service is important to me and I try to delivery as quickly as I can. However with other things, I will leave them sitting around for the longest. It’s not like I forget about it, I actually usually end up stressing and thinking about it non-atop. It’s crazy, because if I really like something I’ll so it immediately and if something’s gotten old, and I’m bored with it or don’t like it, I leave it siting.

So what I want out of this week and many more to come is to be FOCUSED!  A non-procrastinator.

I know I’m not the only one.  Do you have an area of opportunity that you are aware of that you’d like to work on, but always seem to fall short?  Tell me I’m not alone! 🙂

Tenns Reid

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  1. Ah I am horrible at putting things off to the last minute. I know full well what needs to be done and will tell myself constantly that I need to get to work on whatever it is but nope doesn’t happen.

    Good luck over the next few days of focusing and getting things done. You can do it!

    1. You sound a lot like me! Its like I never learn and wonder why I’m stressed burning the midnight oil. Glad I’m not alone in my procrastination!

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I sincerely appreciate them! 🙂

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