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The official conference badge, schedule and a bit of swag!  As I said in the video, I didn’t get a lot of “swag”.  I didn’t even realize they gave out so much stuff at conferences, but its a nice bonus.  Those little chargers will come in handy while I’m blogging and handling business on the go.  And the sprayable hand sanitizer too!


The WebSafety folks were giving out some delicious looking cupcakes…edible swag.  I’ll take that any day. 😉


On the last day of the conference they served us a 3 course meal, which included chicken breast with potatoes, asparagus and a shaving of carrots.


For dessert, there was Panna Cotta.  It was my first time having it and I actually didn’t mind it at all.  I’m not one for gelatous desserts (the consistency messes with me), but it was really good!


Fancy bread…and an even fancier salad!

IMG_3154 IMG_3149

This steak was delicious, they served it during one of the events put on by a sponsor brand.  Its was just a bit rare, but still good!


Sponsor, Red Finn had a coffee and tea bar setup throughout the conference.  My weapon of choice was Passion tea by Tazo.  It was chilly as times with the air conditioner blasting, so a nice warm cup of tea was perfect.


David Griner, one of my favorite speakers of the entire conference speaking on the creating headlines for your blog posts.  I took away so much from his session, and will definitely be implementing a lot of his tips.  He was down to earth, funny, approachable, real and even followed me on Twitter.


Who knew baby food could be so fancy!?  Sponsor Beech Nut had an event in which they had prepared desserts made out of their baby food.  I didn’t try them, but everyone said they were good.  I always feeding my son baby food, so the thought of me eating it myself just doesn’t jive.  Beech Nut did send me home with tons of it for him on the last day of the conference.  I’m forever grateful to them for that!  Chunk is really enjoy all of his new snazzy Beech Nut flavors.  Usually he just has the regular $.70 Beech Nut foods, but the ones I was sent home with were the more expensive and flavorful ones.


Can you imagine getting a massage while being surrounded by this?  Yes, do…imagine it.  This happened for me.  The Hyatt Regency is a beautiful hotel with wonderful customer service, and an even better scenery.  Kelby, really did a good job of setting the conference up and having brands, sponsors, and amenities accessible.

The venue is a key component of putting on a conference.  It can really make it or break it, and the Hyatt Regency made Type-A.  Next year’s conference will be there again, and hopefully I will too!

Type-A was my first conference, so I had an open mind going into it.  I didn’t know what to expect and did my best to take everything in.  It definitely made me want to go to other conferences in hopes that I will attain more knowledge and information about blogging and content creating.  As a volunteer, I was able to see a little of the behind the scenes, but was able to still participate fully in the conference which I thought was great!  I would absolutely love to volunteer again and hope to do so!

Tenns Reid

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  1. Wow, Tenns, this sounds like a really great experience! I would love to go to a conference one day! I think it would be ideal for it to be a family getaway and then I can go to some seminars and things a few times throughout the day while my husband stays with the kids. But I guess we shall see what the future holds. The food looks amazing and that massage near that area sounds like it would be so relaxing!

    1. It really was an awesome experience! I just went to Bloggy Bootcamp Atlanta and it was ah-mazing! I’ll have my recap post coming up soon. I was able to take away a great deal from both. A lot of people use the conference a getaways or as part of vacations and trips. I think they’re a great addition to any trip as long you have the time. 🙂

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