I’ve had this post in my drafts FOR-EVER!  Like literally, since my son was two weeks old…now he’s 18 weeks old. Yep, its taken me just that long to get around to writing it.  At the time, I was having so much trouble getting out of the house with my son, and sometimes I do now.  However, through trial and error I devised a plan and a few tips suggestions for how to get out of the house with a baby.

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So here goes:

  1. Have your diaper bag, purse, and anything else you’re carrying with you prepared the night before and by the door. – This leaves you with one less thing to do in getting out the door.  By having these things prepared in advance you don’t have to worry about something getting forgotten once you get on the road.
  2. Get yourself ready! – This one should almost be number one, but as you can see its still high on the list.  I can’t stress enough, that getting yourself ready first is so important.  It might not seem like the selfless, mother act you’re supposed to do, but if you have yourself ready first, you are more prepared to get your baby ready.  When you put getting yourself ready last, the impending feeling of having to get ready can add to your stress.  Again, avoid it by getting yourself ready first!
  3. Make sure your child is dressed early. – Get yourself ready, then get your child ready immediately after.  Once you and your child are ready, everything else usually follows suit and falls into play.
  4. Leave diaper changes and feedings till the end. – Now you might be thinking this contradicts #3, but it doesn’t.  Feed your child right before you leave, to ensure they have a full tummy leaving the house.  This way you will have to stop less while your out to feed your little one, and you won’t run into getting out and about and having to stop 15 minutes into your errand running to feed little one.   Give your child some time while you pack the car and do final checks, and then do a diaper check/change.   Most babies have a wet, and sometimes dirty diaper soon after eating. By the time the car is packed and your ready to go, odds will be that your child will need a diaper change.
  5. Ask for help. – If your have your spouse around or grandma, ask them to help you!  There’s no shame in utilizing your resources while they’re available.  It frees you up to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your trip.
  6. Make a list. – As moms a lot of the time we think we have it all down to a science, but all too often we manage to miss something.  I’ve left the house many times, just being so eager to get going and left the diaper bag right by the door or my son’s hat on a chilly day.  By making a list, you can check off and make sure you have everything you need.  Last thing you want is to get out and about, and diaper be missing from your bag or your baby’s favorite toy be left at the house.  Plus, when you take the time to make a list, you are taking the time to think out everything and not rushing, thinking of things off the top of your head.
  7. Double check everything. – This goes right along with both #1 and #6.  Make sure you do final checks before you leave the house.  Using your list and preparing the night before is great, but a final check is essential.
  8. Pack your vehicle in trips. – Don’t try to take everything to the car at once.  I’ve been guilty all too often of doing this.  Its the old unpacking the grocery bags from the car syndrome.  Its basically when you try to bring all the bags into your house at once, to avoid making several trips back and forth from your car to the house.  Although this may work with groceries, its not a best practice for packing the car to get on the go with your child.  When you do this, you can easily forget something, and things end up not being as organized in your car for reachable access if need-be.
  9. Make sure your child is comfortable and buckled in safely once in the car. – Check your carseat with every trip.  DO NOT rush buckling your child in it.  Its vital that your child be both safely and properly buckled in and comfortable.  If they aren’t this can have horrible consequences if an accident were to occur.  If your child is in any type of general discomfort, they will for sure let you know.  This can result in your having to stop once getting on the go to simply check on your child if they begin to cry or act out in discomfort.  You want to make sure that your child is feed, dry, and burped.  These are the main causes of discomfort in babies oftentimes.
  10. Know when to call it. – Sometimes your child just isn’t up to going out.  They, like us, have bad days.  You know your child best, so pay close attention if they begin to act out excessively or appear not to feel good.  Of course, sometimes, its not an option if you’re on your way to an appointment or if you really have to go somewhere.  Weigh your options, and know that its okay if you have to wait until Dad or someone else comes home to watch baby for you to go out and run your errands.  Sometimes we can use the break, get things done faster, and just take time to ourselves and to think by getting out by ourselves.  Plus, this leaves Dad or the grandparents with some one-on-one quality with little one.  Everyone wins!

Again, with all my posts like this, the aforementioned is not the end all be all.  I’m always looking for better ways to be more efficient and effective in getting out the door with my son.  These are what work for me right now, however, I keep and open mind and know that my routine may require some changes as my son gets older.  It may also change as I gain more experience being a mother, and as my lifestyle changes.  Remember that you have to do what works for your lifestyle, and what best suits both your and your child[ren]’s needs.

What are your tried and true practices for getting out of the house with your baby?  I’d love to hear both what did or didn’t work of you!


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  1. I remember these days so well. My more recent challenge was tips for getting out of the house with TWO kids. I should have written a post about it. No, a book! And it’s still very hard because even though my son is 20 months, I still carry him from the car because of the ice and snow everywhere and he is HEAVY! And my daughter wants to hold hands. It’s a lot!

    1. Wow! I can only imagine how it is with two little kids! I should totally write a post on it. I’d love to read it! I totally believe it’s a lot, you’re a real trooper! I’m not quite ready to handle getting out with two yet. 🙂

  2. It was definitely hard to get out once up on a time! I feel like we’ve gotten so much better with this. I often get ready early but my routine has changed as JR has gotten older. I remember the feeding and changing before leaving was crucial especially with him needing to eat every 2-3 hours. I also a new first time mom that was a bit shy about nursing in public. That has very much changed since he was very young. 🙂 I will be evolving into something new I know in a few months so that should be interesting. I might find myself needing to remember these tips all over again! lol.

    1. I believe it! I, too have gotten better, but every so often I still find it hard. I’m preparing myself for the changes as my son gets older, and eventually when we have number 2 as well. Its never-ending, lol!

      Yes, I totally agree that nursing adds an additionally challenging aspect to leaving the house. Its not like we can give our babies a bottle and they drink it in 5-10 minutes. My son nurses anywhere from 5 minutes of one side to 20 minutes on both. I try to feed him on both when we’re going out, so he’s nice and completely full. I usually don’t nurse while we’re out much, and when I do its usually in the car. I rarely leave home for longer than 4 hours, and he can go 4-5 if he had to.

      I’m excited to hear ho things will be for you once #2 gets here! I know you’ll have a lot of great tips for juggling 2! 🙂

  3. Great suggestions, especially leaving diaper changes till the end. They always manage to poop as I load them in the car! I have an infant and a toddler AND I organize a mommy group with playdates once a week. It was very scary to take both boys out by myself at first- but I found using my carrier (Ergo carrier has proven to be the best for me) it’s a lot easier! http://munchkins-and-moms.blogspot.com/2013/11/stay-at-home-mom-tips-for-staying-sane.html

    1. Thanks so much! And yes they do always to have a poopy diaper as soon as you get in the car, and go bonkers. I don’t know what I’ll do when I have number two, but hopefully I’ll have it down packed enough to where I will be able to get out the house. The carrier is a excellent idea, I have to keep that in mind for sure!

    1. I know right! Its so crazy! I forgot diapers one time too…lesson learned! Now I keep my bag fully stocked, now I more or less have to remember to bring the bag, lol!

  4. Thanks for linking up at Babies and Beyond! This is great advice and I do most of these things every time we have to go out. I think having a “going out” routine is great because once you figure out what works well for you it’s so much easier to stick with the plan. My biggest mistake is always getting the kids ready (coats and shoes and all) before putting my shoes on. Trying explaining to a screaming 2 year old that we ARE going out in just a minute…lol. I try to be sneaky and make sure that their shoes and coats are absolutely last so there is no waiting around on momma!

  5. Like you, I also get ready first and prepare myself before preparing my son for the trip. During the early toddler stage, I found it really challenging to go out of the house. I had to spend so much time to prepare. To add, we don’t have a car so we had to either take a cab or commute – much harder right? 🙂 But I can say I’m getting better at it. I told myself that if I was able to travel with my son alone through plane, I should be prepared enough to go out just about any time. Thanks for these suggestions Tenns!

    1. You’re so welcome Rea! It really can be quite challenging and daunting getting out of the house. I can only imagine having to do everything it takes and having to take a can or public transportation. I agree, however, that if you can do it with flying, you can do it with any form of transportation! 🙂

  6. Nice list! My son is 9 now, but I’m expecting another baby, so I’ve been going over what I did when he was little. At first I always started preparing ONE HOUR before we really needed to leave, and if we were ready early we would leave early to allow for emergency nursing stops. Somewhere around 6-9 months old I got it down to a half hour.

    For packing the diaper bag, what worked for me was to repack it ASAP after we got home. We used cloth diapers, so the used ones needed to be moved from the bag to the pail soon anyway; right after doing that, I would restock the bag with clean diapers and wipes, refill the little bottle of hand sanitizer if necessary, etc. It wasn’t always possible to do this immediately after walking in the door, so I’d sort of put it on a mental to-do list (if really busy, I’d be keeping a paper list) and make sure it got done.

    For packing the car, this isn’t really spelled out in your article: Put the baby IN the car last, and take him OUT first. That way all the times when baby is briefly unattended while you’re going back and forth to the car, he is in the house (where you have of course put him somewhere safe) instead of in the car (where he might be perfectly safe, but anyone who passes by and sees him alone will freak out!).

  7. Love the list. I keep a stocked diaper bag in the car… I never pack one on the way out. I normally only replace burping cloths or clothes (if necessary). Since we’re down to one car, I also have to take my husband to work. I walk before I come back home, making it easier not to make excuses. These are great tips. Thanks for linking up with Countdown in Style.

  8. Hi Tenns! I’m just hoping over to your blog to say hello! Love this post from you because it’s just so practical – and is true no matter the number of kids or age of the children! For me, getting out of the house is one of the biggest challenges of the day but definitely having my bags packed the night before is a HUGE help!! Hope you’re doing well!

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