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I'm Tenns, the blogger, graphic designer, and business + content creation strategists behind Bliss & Faith. This is my little corner of the web that I've dedicated to helping fellow bloggers and creatives reach their goals. I'm so glad you dropped by and hope that you that you find valuable resources here to help you achieve your dreams!

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    1. Aww! I’m just getting used to the kicks, or rather jabs and rolls that baby does. I’m sure I’ll miss it too once baby is born, but for now I’m really enjoying it. Your little one is so precious (from your pic) I know it’s all worth it in the end!


    1. Thanks! This kid has been kicking up a storm since about 16 weeks, its just that the kicks are actual kicks now and not just flutters, lol! Actually, that was probably an understatement, this kid is doing full body movements, yoga, and karate in there. I love it though and its so exciting!

      Take your time…pregnancy will take you by storm. I know it sure has for me. 🙂


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