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Christmas is next week, y’all and I don’t know about you, but I still have plenty (lots…to be frank) of gift shopping to do. I don’t know where the time went, but somehow we are seriously already a week out from Christmas. I mean in a little bit the new year will be here and then it’ll be like Valentine’s Day the next day — that seriously seems to be how fast the time flies these days. As a mom and business owner, especially one that works from home, it’s so easy to get caught up in the work and literally not leave the house for days. In addition, it doesn’t help that the winter weather is here and in full swing (yep, even here in Georgia ?).

Fortunately, there are gift guides out there for just about anyone. No matter who you are or what you do, there’s a gift guide out there — all you gotta do is do a quick search on Pinterest, and you’ll see. However, there was one type of guide I’ve yet to run across in my quest for them this holiday season, and that was one for us last minute folks. Now, that’s not to say that they don’t exist but obviously, not enough of them, because I didn’t see any.

For most retailers, this upcoming Sunday, the 18th, is the last day to place orders online in order for them to arrive by Christmas Eve. So, this was yet another reason for me brainstorm fun and useful gifts for creative biz ladies and jump on Amazon (praise the Lord ??) to put together a gift guide that you can order directly from, and at the last minute, too!

[thrive_2step id=’12414′]The Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Biz Ladies |[/thrive_2step]

I’ve included 10 items below that you can order and have shipped to your doorstep (like yesterday) and one that you can purchase and get your hands now (and it includes some freebies ?):

The Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Biz Ladies |

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The gift guide has been carefully curated to make shopping as quick and easy as possible, here’s why:

I kept the gift guide pretty minimal, because when we’re short on time, ain’t nobody got time to sifting through tons products. That’s one of the things that makes the holidays so stressful and overwhelming; the fact that there are too many options out there sometimes. Everywhere you turn, some store has an awesome sale going on, and you turn around and their competitor has an even better one, but that doesn’t help you to actually know what to get someone.

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I’ve found that when presented with a multitude of options, people often feel as if they have no options because there’s just too much to choose from that your brain pretty much cancels out. I think this is one reason that gift guides are so useful, in part because someone has already done the work for you. So, I totally hope this gift is helpful to you, whether it’s that you’ve simply let time get away from you by being so busy or that you’ve plain procrastinated.

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If you haven’t already checked out the Do & Done Content Creation Planner, I included it in the gift guide because one: I’ve extended the 50% off sale, and two: every creative biz lady needs a tool to help her plan, organize, and track her content. Included in the deal are some awesome freebies such as a headlines and newsletter planning worksheets (+ any future updates that I may make to the planner), a beautiful 2017 calendar set (one for the desk and one for the wall), and free, yes 100% free, access to my upcoming Do & Done Content Creation Course — which will be launching in January. You can’t beat this deal and after the holiday season, I will never be offering it again.

The planner is an instant download, so you can get your hands on a copy of it here and it’s one less thing you have to wait for in the mail.

Do and Done Content Creation Planner |

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I’ll be spilling the tea on the course in the coming weeks (okay, well really it’ll be after the new year), but you’ve heard it here first! It will in essence, be a course that will teach and guide you through the process of creating a strategy for your content, planning it, organizing it, and tracking it. I’m working on it now, and if you want to get a little taste of what will be included in it, you can join my 12 Days of Content Creation Building Blocks Challenge.

12 Days of Content Creation Building Blocks Challenge |

I highly recommend joining the challenge in preparation for the course, because it teaches you the fundamentals of content creation. This way when you move into the course, you already now the basics and we’ll build on them from there.

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And of course, the conversation continues over in my private mastermind community on Facebook which you can join here. I’ll be doing some live-streams starting next month that will go into detail about content creation and content strategy, and I know you don’t want to miss that!

Good luck in all of your holiday shopping and most importantly, be careful, enjoy time with your families, and have fun. ? Take in all that the season brings and offers you because you know when the new year gets here it will be time to hit the ground running and get after those goals . ?

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