The Importance of Getting Out With Your Baby + 5 Tips on How to Do It |

I’ve realized since becoming a SAHM/WAHM that sometimes it is really hard to leave the house.  This was a very foreign concept to me up until recently, because I’m used to being on the go.  But, as a mom, I’m tired ALL. THE. TIME.  Like its exhausting to get dressed and get the baby dressed, make sure, I have everything for him and I and get in the car and go.  Why can’t I just stay in and bum around the house all day?  In part, because it would drive me absolutely CRAZY!  I’m way too much of a busy body for that and its just not good for my kind of person.

I’ve been going crazy in the house day in and day out.  I’m my own worse enemy when it comes to this, because I’m causing myself the craziness.  I realized all of this even more when I went to go pick Hubs’ cake from Cold Stone Creamery for Father’s Day.  I was all by myself, no Hubs, no Chunk, no mom, no noone and it felt so weird!  It was like I didn’t know what to do with myself or even how to function without someone with me.  My reclusive type behavior had caught up with me and it was uncomfortable.  Fortunately, it was the type of uncomfortabilty that brought clarity.  My clarity:  to reconnect to the outside environment.  I need to be out in the world, around people, going places, and doing things.  Sometimes this mean doing them alone, and having that sense of indepence I’ve always had.

My entire life, I’ve worked and played in public settings, so these types of feelings have never come up.  So last week, on my anniversary, I made a vow to myself that I would get out and about, just because.  I got up, got dressed, had my hair fixed up, makeup on, and a super cute outfit.  I felt like this:

The Importance of Getting Out With Your Baby + 3 Tips on How to Do It |

Chunk looked pretty cute too and surprisingly, he was on his best behavior.  Funny enough, even though he was with me, I still felt independent.

I realized that in order to be the best and healthiest me, both mentally and emotionally, that I needed to follow 3 guidelines when it comes to getting out of the house.

  1. Don’t make excuses for not leaving the house. – If you make excuses, you put things off, and before you know it its the end of the week and you haven’t left the house.
  2. Take advantage of when your partner or othet family members get home and can watch the kiddos. – A 15-20 minutes walk or drive gets you out of the house, connected with the outside environment, and gives you on opportunity to clear your mind.  Moms need a break sometimes, even if its just for a little while.
  3. Get dressed and ready, and make it a priorty. – Once you are dressed and ready for the day, that’s one less reason you don’t have for not leaving the house.  Yes, it may take a little bit of time getting ready, but you’ll feel so much better looking presentable and ready to go,

The main thing I learned from my experience was to step away from the domestic things and connect with my outside environment.  I was reminded that there is an outside world still waiting for me to explore it.  Just because I don’t work outside of the home any more, is no reason for me to no longer experience it.

You never know what may come of getting out and about.  A new friend, lucrative or good opportunity, or simply just taking in the fresh air and beauty around you.  I realized I was missing out on so much and being a detriment to myself.  My clarity makes me a better me, and in turn a better wife and mother.  Everyone wins!  So if you ever have a moment similar to mines, remember those three guidelines and don’t get stuck in a runt!  And if you do, well take a moment to reflect, center yourself, and follow those three tips as a starting point.

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  1. Totally know the feeling and we just added a new puppy recently, so it is even harder now for me to go out sometimes. This past weekend, while my husband was home for the weekend, I went shopping at the mall by myself. Seriously, it was the quietest best 2 hours of my life that week for sure. So, great tips and do very much agree 🙂

  2. You just reminded me of how I felt after Des was born. I went for ice cream.. not alone.. but with JUST SCARLET. That was weird and she has forever felt easy to me because she walks to and from the car herself.
    I just got a puppy and two kittens. It’s so complicated.

  3. You are totally right! Those 3 tips are what I do (subconsciously) to make sure I still have my identity, not just as a twin mom, but as myself! I ALWAYS make sure to have on a cute outfit though, no matter if I’m leaving the house or not 😉 No yoga pants for this girl! Thanks for the insight!!

  4. Interesting points, Tenns! I think I had to go through different adjustments as well to the SAHM life, especially JR’s first year. I enjoy nap times because I get to get on my blog and read other blogs, respond to comments…you know that sort of thing. We actually don’t do babysitters, not even family, so we make due with hubby just letting me do something alone like go to the store or we wait to have us time when JR is asleep. His schedule is a lot more predictable now. 🙂

  5. 3 fantastic tips! Since I work outside of the home I am getting up and out almost every day but when I am on vacation (but staying home) or sometimes even on the weekends there are times where I absolutely find myself stuck inside and find it hard to motivate myself to leave. I ultimately become irritable because I think fresh air is kind of a necessity. I definitely agree at least going for a walk makes a difference. I still need to work on getting out without the kids and for reasons other than going to work. Enjoying your new link-up this week too!

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