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How to Effectively Spring Clean Your Blog and Conduct a Content Audit | BlissandFaith.com

Give Your Blog a Spring Cleaning: How to Effectively Conduct a Content Audit + A free content audit checklist to help you do it

Spring is here, live and in effect in Georgia and that means I’m beyond stoked to experience some wonderful 80-degree weather. Seriously though, I really ready for the 90-degree summer days, but Spring’s a lovely time of the year, I mean heck I’m a spring baby so naturally, I have an innate love for it. […]

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How to Get to Know Your Target Audience Better | BlissandFaith.com

How to Get to Know Your Target Audience Better + A Free Target Audience Evaluation Quiz to Get to Know Yours Better

If there’s anything I know I’d like to do when it comes to my business, it’s getting to know my target audience better. For those of us that are pretty solid on who we want to serve, or rather who our products and services will benefit most, the hard work of figuring out who our target audience has […]

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My Biggest Issue With "Niching Down" & How I Finally Did | BlissandFaith.com

My Biggest Issue With “Niching Down” & How I Finally Did + an Identifying & Defining Your Niche Infographic

I have a secret, and I’m coming clean about it today. It’s something that I’ve been avoiding and trying to ignore for the longest, even though I know I should have done it long ago. So, by now I’m sure you’re wondering what it is, so here goes:  my big fat secret is that I […]

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