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Up Your Blogging Ante By Utilizing a Post Checklist

We all want to blog better, in order to best serve our audience, increase stats, and possibly make money. Its especially important if you blog for your business, because you want to insure that they way you’re conveying your content benefits, promotes, and supports your business. Its one of the main reasons that I use […]

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My Top Blogging Pet Peeves & How Not to Make These Mistakes | BlissandFaith.com

My Top Blogging Pet Peeves & How Not to Make These Mistakes {Pt. 1}

We’ve all been there, landed on a site that drives us absolutely crazy. At times it can be our very own site. As a blogger and business owner I tend to focus on content most of the time, however as a designer I can never ignore the visual aspects of a site I visit. If […]

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Behind the Behind | Refection on June & My July Goals | BlissandFaith.com

Behind the Brand Reflection on June & My July Goals

Happy July everyone! We are officially more than half way done with the year, yet there is still so much more to accomplish. Summer makes everyone want to slow down, however I felt is was extremely important that I did not slow my momentum down too much over the past few months. I know that […]

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