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What Success Is To Me | BlissandFaith.com

What Success Is To Me

Success means many different things to different things to different people. What success may look like to me, could look completely different to some one else. It’s one of those things that’s relative to who you are and what’s important to you.  No one can define success for you, because what it means to you is […]

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New Year, New Beginning | Happy New Year!

2015 is officially here and I’m stoked!  2014 was quite a year for my family and I.  It seemed like many of us just couldn’t catch a break, totally sucked!  I do know that anytime life throws you curveballs or things seem like they’re just not going your way that its just God preparing you […]

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It hits you like a Mac truck…out of nowhere.  One minute everything is fine and dandy, and the next you feel the lowest of low.  Lately, I’ve had my ups and downs, fortunately more ups than downs, but funny how the downs tend to stick with you a little longer.  My agendas been full, life’s […]

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