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Your Perception is Your Reality | NewMamaDiaries.com

Your Perception is Your Reality

I heard this countless times when I was in the military, but never really heard beforehand.  Its interesting when you’re in a situation where your under a microscope and your every move is watched, where phrases like this really take heed.  I’ve being seeing a lot of things lately that have really had me thinking, some have […]

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NaBloPoMo | Breaking Out of Writer's Block | NewMamaDiaries.com

NaBloPoMo | Breaking Out of Writer’s Block

You guys, I’m failing measurably at #NaBloPoMo, but the topics are just too good to pass up, so I’m continuing it despite being a little backlogged.  The funny thing is that this post is all about Writer’s Block and I haven’t even really it lately, but I have had a busy schedule that has kept […]

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Love of the Arts & Fonts I’m Lovin’ #2

I can never get enough fonts, as you from my previous Fonts I’m Loving post.  I seriously wish I had the skills to create typography and calligraphy.  I have a couple of programs on my Mac that are industry standard for typography, but have little to no idea how to use them.  I know for […]

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