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Originality & Uniqueness In Your Branded Elements | BlissandFaith.com

Originality & Uniqueness In Your Branded Elements

One of most reoccurring happenings that I’ve been seeing in the creative entrepreneurial world lately in a lack of authenticity and originality. It appears as if everyone wants to do the same thing, which is actually not a bad thing. Its only bad when individuals fail to, well be an individual, and produce content that […]

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6 Ways to Insure You're Posting Original Content | BlissandFaith.com

6 Ways to Insure You’re Posting Original Content

I don’t know if its just me, but I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting very similar content lately. It’s not like a “we’re on the same wavelength” kind of thing either. I’m seeing one individual post on a topic and then a week later another individual do a very similar post. At first […]

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Authenticity & Originality In Your Brand | BlissandFaith.com

Creative Spaces | Authenticity & Originality

There’s a thin line between having a lightbulb moment and being too inspired. I previously touched on this topic a while back, but from a slightly different point of view.  In my previous post, I promoted being truly inspired and having lightbulb moments, but made it very clear that there’s a distinct difference in being […]

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