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Creating Actionable Content & Why Yours Should Be | BlissandFaith.com

Creating Actionable Content & Why Yours Should Be

You may not think it, but people like to be told what to do.  Its one reason why people buy solutions to problems and just the education to solve them. As bloggers, we are usually asking, telling, or informing our readers to do something. No matter what it is specifically, we want them to take […]

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Why Commenting on Others' Blog Is Awesome for Your Blog

Why Commenting on Others’ Blog Is Awesome for Your Blog

One part of building a community and audience as a blogger is to have engagement.  It’s not just about the engagement you receive on your site, however.  It’s also about how you interact with others in your niche on their sites and the engagement you give them.  One of the main ways you can engage […]

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Just Thought to Share

Greetings all and HAPPY MONDAY! As I get my day started at work I always check out CNN.com for the most recent news.  As I was scrolling down the homepage, I saw an article of the BlogHer ’13 conference.  Of course I had to click on it, since I vicariously attend the conference through all […]

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