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Baby Buys Haul ~ Old Navy & JC Penney’s

Baby Buys Haul | NewMamaDiaries.blogspot.comSo Saturday I found myself back out at Old Navy, I know…I know, getting more baby clothes.  I’ve unleashed a beast!  However, its now without good cause and reason.  My poor kid didn’t really have any clothes, since we are team GREEN, we hadn’t really done any clothes shopping for little one.  Also, I couldn’t pass up Old Navy’s 30% baby sale.  I’m still getting my extra 10% for opening up the card, so in essence I got 40% off everything.  Plus…..I had I a $10 off $50 coupon.  And to bonus the whole thing, the cashier checked my previous receipt to see if I could get a price adjustment on anything I’d previous purchased from my last trip their.  I was also returning two items, so that also took off from my purchase total.


Fall Haul ~ Old Navy, Charlotte Russe, Bath & Body Works…and a Baby Buy!

I did some shopping…okay it was an all out haul over the Labor Day weekend.  I hadn’t been shopping my entire pregnancy, and pretty much in an entire year.  It felt really nice to finally get some things just for me (and well a few things for baby too).  When I shop I usually just …