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Finding Your Own Style: Avoiding the CopyCat Effect | BlissandFaith.com

Finding Your Own Style Avoiding the Copycat Effect

Copying and unoriginality have been two topics that have honestly been addressed so much lately, that you can’t turn your head without hearing someone talk about their frustration with it. I’ve addressed it here on the blog several times, with writing helpful posts about community, competition, inspiration, and authenticity, but I strayed from calling it was […]

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Why Genuineness Is Important in Business | BlissandFaith.com

Why Genuineness Is Important in Business

A lot of being a successful business owner is about building trust with your clients and customers. Genuineness is such a huge part of this, because people what to feel as though you are a true, honest, and real person.  When people view you this way, they feel more connected and trusting of you.  This also […]

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6 Ways to Insure You're Posting Original Content | BlissandFaith.com

6 Ways to Insure You’re Posting Original Content

I don’t know if its just me, but I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting very similar content lately. It’s not like a “we’re on the same wavelength” kind of thing either. I’m seeing one individual post on a topic and then a week later another individual do a very similar post. At first […]

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