Strawberry Infused Sweet Tea~Lemonade Popsicles |
I had the wise idea to whip up some popsicles, since I had been jonesin to use my new molds.  I figured, “what creative twist can I make on the ol’ fruit infused popsicle?”.
Well, I am here to tell you that since I had just made some sweet tea and had some Country Time Lemonade on hand, I decided to combined the two and throw in some strawberries and voila!  Out came these fun and unique popsicles.  They are somewhat of a fun, mature summer time treat.  The recipe is super minimalist, only requiring the three ingredients and popsicle mold.  IMG_0803
What I used:
Sweet Tea – you can visit this post for my recipe on how to make sweet tea
1 scoop of Country Time Lemonade
4 strawberries
How I did it:
The mold I used makes 6 popsicles, so I only needed about 1 cup of sweet tea.  I combined the sweet tea and 1 scoop of Country Time lemonade in a measuring cup.
I diced the four strawberries and dropped equals amounts of them into the molds.
I poured the sweet tea-lemonade mixture into the mold, put the tops on them and froze them until solid.
*Prior to removing the popsicle from the mold, run the mold under the water so that the popsicle will release from the mold smoothly and the holder coming out of the bottom of the popsicle.
You can make these with unsweetened tea and fresh lemonade if you want to get fancy, I just used what I like and had on hand.  Another take on these would be to add mint for a refreshing feel to the popsicles.
I had a little bit of sweet tea~lemonade left over, so I enjoyed a lovely glass of it while waiting for my popsicles to set up.
The finished product!
Strawberry Infused Sweet Tea~Lemonade Popsicles |

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    1. Cheryl, thanks so much for featuring me! How awesome is that! I have headed over to grab a button and link at this week’s party.

      Thanks again! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Linda, they were really good! The popsicle forms were actually very good quality for a quick $3 Wal-mart find. They were literally on the end-cap of an aisle and I decided to give them a go.

  1. You can’t go wrong with strawberries and sweet tea! I may have to try this one day. I bet my daughter would love one of these popsicles! Thanks for linking up at Submarine Sunday!

    1. You really can’t! Its a great combo. They are super kid friendly, so I hope she like them if you do end up trying them out.

      Look forward to linking up again in the future~


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