It really hasn’t!  I love nothing more than the smell of Spring.  The sweet Honeysuckle, fragrant flowers, and fresh rain all make Spring so refreshing after the long and arduous winter.  I love being outside and experiencing all that Spring embodies, but sometimes, especially with this nasty cold front (Midwest folks, my heart is with you!) I’m not able to get out and experience it.  The Febreze Spring Collection gives me a piece and feel of Spring on the inside, and even in the car. 

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

When SheSpeaks selected me to be one of their bloggers to try out the collection, I was so excited.  I love home fragrance, and was a manager at Bath & Bath Works for many years, so I’m well-versed in the subject.  Up until now, I had only been loyal to BBW for home fragrance, but I was pleasantly surprised by The Febreze Spring Collection.  

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

In my package, I received a plugin unit, refills, Set & Refresh air freshner, and a car unit.

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp         

The refills came as a two pack, in which you just unscrew the caps and snap them right into the unit.

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

The cool thing about the plugin unit, is that it alternates between the two units for lasting freshness. 

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp 

The refills came in the scent Pink Petals, which was nice and fragrant and perfect for the upstairs hallway.  Did I mention that the plugin is quit cute and compact.  It reminds me of a flower, but isn’t bulky on the wall like some plugins can look.  It always fits snuggly into the outlet, so there’s no nervousness about it falling out an the fragrance leaking onto the carpet.  *The fragrance will take the finish off of furniture, so I wouldn’t recommend plugging it in over a wooden table or anything like that.

I will say that when I open the plugins, some of the fragrance did spill.   Fortunately, I opened them on Formica countertops so it didn’t stain or take the finish off.  The countertops did, however, smell like Pink Petals all day, so the kitchen smelled really good.  Anyhow, I say all this to say to be careful when opening and handling the plugins.  And of course keep out of reach of children. 

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

The Set & Refresh was a great addition to our foyer.  Its small, compact, but packs a a pretty nice punch.  

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

It was super easy to set up, just insert the cartridge into the top of the unit and pull the bottom down.  From there you can place it where you want.  Great for a side table, dresser, or bathroom.  You could sit it on the counter or on the of the toilet.  Its discreet and slim, so it won’t get in the way or interfere with your decor.

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

Here is our’s right next to the front door on our sofa table in our foyer.  Looks nice next to that beautiful flower arrangement, doesn’t?  A family friend gave my mom that arrangement many years ago.  We still love it!  The vase was made and hand painted by my mom many years ago like 20, because I’m pretty sure I was like 8 or 9 when she made it.  It’s always been one of my favorite pieces of decor. 

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

The car unit came in the scent Rain, and I will tell you, it is very fragrant! 

I keep my car super clean, so it never gets smelly.  However, my husband did leave my windows one day about a month ago and my car got the mildewey rained in smell.  You know what I’m talking about if this has ever happened to you!

The car unit took care of that mildewey smell right away and I’m so glad!  The good thing about the car unit is that you can control the amount of scent that comes out of it.  I have mines set halfway, because it was a bit too strong all the way open.  As soon as I open the pack, the burst of fragrance hit me, so I knew I’d need to set it to half open.

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

The iSmell book came with fun pages that gave a rundown of each fragrance with artwork inspired from each fragrance.  I thought the artwork were so cute, especially since designing is one of my newest passions.  You could even scratch and smell each fragrance on the respective pages.

Spring Never Smelled So Good with #FebrezeSpring & @SheSpeaksUp

If you want to bring a little Spring into your home this season, consider The Febreze Spring collection.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised!  I know I was!

Check out the collection at Walmart!

Disclaimer:  I was scent The Febreze Spring Collection gratis for review.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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