I’m super excited for my baby shower coming up in about 3 months’ time!  We have it planned for August 10 and I’ll be 30 weeks at that time.  I’m really glad to be going back home for it too and get a chance to see all of my family while I’m pregnant.  I’m also really fortunate to be having two baby showers, because my mother-in-law and their church is throwing me a shower in my husband’s hometown on July 6.  The drives to Ga will be long, but well worth it.  After August I won’t get a chance to do much more long distance travel, so I’m really going to take in both trips and enjoy them.

My mother, who is planning my shower, called yesterday to let me know that she already booked the venue.  It’s at a super cute place and the hard part is already out of the way.  I told her that I would do the invitations, which I drafted and printed this morning.  I’m most likely going to glue them to cardstock, since I didn’t print them on cardstock.  My shower theme is Disney, so I will be gluing the invite to different colors of cardstock.  I’m not doing the traditional pink and blue, because we aren’t finding out what baby is until its born.  I also don’t care for the yellow and green, because they typically look either too masculine or feminine no matter how you decorate.  Disney is pretty much primary colors, so it covers it all and I love Disney.  We will be doing baby’s room in a Disney theme as well, because it will be easy to add masculine or feminine touches to the room once baby is born.

I will be sure to make a post and includes the details and such of how both showers go.

Until next time…happy bumping!

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