Happy Saturday everyone!  I wanted to post a quick update regarding the blog design and feedback review series that I’ve recently started.  I had a few kinks that I had to work out with the submission form last month, so that prevented submissions from properly being received, but that’s all worked out now.  You can rest assure that when you submit your info to me this time that I will actually get it!

Series Update! Why Design Matters | Free Monthly Blog Design & Feedback Reviews | BlissandFaith.com

Okay, now on to the details!  On the first Saturday of every month I’ll be offering free blog design reviews and feedback.  It will be a first come, first service offering, so the earlier you submit your site to me, the better your chances are to be reviewed and get that valuable feedback.  I’ll also feature all of the sites that I review and provide feedback for here on the Bliss & Faith blog, in order to share the valuable information with others who can benefit from it.

The reviews will be in the form of either written feedback or possibly a screencast.   I’m still deciding on which one is the better format, but either way there will be a thorough post here on the blog containing the feedback.  Just to be clear, I will not be emailing the feedback personally to those who submit their sites to be reviewed.  While I would love to do that, I feel as those everyone would get more out of the feedback if it were housed here publicy on the blog.  Additionally, I offer extensive feedback on design and branding within my branding packages, so I want to insure that the integrity of it is maintained in offering this free service.  Any one-on-one communication that is desired can be done so by reaching out to me via my Contact Form.  I would love to talk with you one-on-one if you feel like you need guidance or just someone to run ideas by and brainstorm with!

So just to recap, the review/feedback offering will give you general feedback on what I think about your design and some tips for how to improve it.  I will hit major wickets like layout, colors, and fonts.  Content will not be assessed or reviewed, but if you would like for it to be, again please reach out to me on a personal level and we can absolutely discuss it and anything else you would like in regards to your site design.

To get your site on the list to get reviewed, you can submit your site url to me using the form below:

Blog Review & Feedback Submission

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You can also submit your site URLs to me via Twitter, whichever one you feel most comfortable with or that’s easiest for you! 🙂

Don’t be shy, I promise only objective and constructive feedback that will be meant to help improve your site.  Can’t wait to see your sites!

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P.S:  If you’re not signed up for the newsletter, you don’t wanna miss this next one that’s going out this weekend!  There’s still time to join your list and you can do so right here —> SUBSCRIBE!

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