Here in Atlanta there’s always something happenin’ in the city.  Nearly every weekend there’s something to do.  Honestly, if you live with in a 50 mile radius of the city, you can find something to do, but its always nice to just go into the city and enjoy everything it has to offer.  Hubs, Chunk, & I love going down to the city on the weekends.  We waited all winter for nice weather and its finally here, so we are taking full advantage.  

For Memorial Day weekend go we decided to drive down to Piedmont Park just to enjoy the scenery, little did we know the Atlanta Jazz Festival was happening.  We’d been hearing about it, but wasn’t quite sure when it was actually happening.  I’m pretty sure that the jazz festival is on Memorial Day weekend every year, but that’s what happens when you move away from home for 6 years.  You get out of the loop, and when you have a 7 month old!  As I digress, the jazz festival was awesome!  Good music, great vibe, beautiful scenery, and even some cute wildlife.

Atlanta Jazz Festival |

I didn’t even realize that Piedmont Park had as much wildlife in it that it does.  We saw lots of ducks and birds, but they also have a dog park.


The dog park is just pass this mosaic tile accented bridge.  You can see the cones they have set up for the dogs to run around and such.



You could tell the wildlife was used to being around people, because if you approached them they wouldn’t run off.  It was even like this with the babies! Very surprising, since most baby animals are protected heavily by their mamas and daddys, and its rare to get so close to them.


Its not the true South without Hydrangeas and Magnolias!




Chunk ad Hubs gazing out at the water.  Chunk loves being a little flying saucer and hanging on daddy’s shoulder.  That little kid is a powerpack, I’m certain he weighs at least 20 lbs by now!AtlJazzFestRedBillDucks

I’m not sure what these red billed birds are, but they reminded me of turkeys.  They even walked bobbing their heads back and forth.


I love the Atlanta skyline.  I thinks its one of the best skylines in the nation, especially for a Southern city.  New York may be my fave though, but Atlanta is a super close second!


More flowers, because these kind of draping over the stairway and so much lush green was a photographic moment I couldn’t resist.

I saw that there’s going to be a car show and a few other events at Piedmont so I can’t wait to hit them up!  We all know how much of a car buff I am!  If you’re ever in Atlanta, be sure to visit Piedmont Park.  Its lovely, even just to walk or have a picnic at.  The have a few ponds, a compost area, and they have a Farmer’s Market Saturday morning’s March – September.  We have yet to go to it, but its definitely on our agenda.  I’ll defnitely have a post up on that once we do!  I also have a post coming up on the Dogwood Festival that happens every year at the park too at the beginning of spring that we went to.

Love our lovely park days!

Do you have a favorite park or event in your home town that you love to go to?  – We plan on starting to travel a lot more once we get more settled in and I’d love to know where in your city I shoud visit!

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  1. So gorgeous! I wonder how the ducks do with the dogs.
    I’ve never been to Atlanta! It’s one of the few cities I’ve missed down south. I’d love to see it someday.

    1. Thanks so much! You know what? I’ve never heard of them not getting along. You’ll definitely have to down to Atlanta. Even if you’re just passing through on your way to Florida. It’s not like how you see it on tv at all!

  2. Wow this does look beautiful! I can picture us getting JR in his stroller and walking all around the city! Hmmm…Arizona has some really nice areas. Phoenix has a lot of different things and the scenery here is beautiful. I would highly recommend people coming when it’s not May, June, July or August. Those are the hottest months of the year. Every other month is really the best weather ever!!! September is a little hot, but I would say October is when it is just amazing 😉

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