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  • Its 6:11 on a Friday evening.
  • I’m wearing a dingy gray shirt with two holes in the bottom of it, because its too comfy I can’t bare to toss it.
  • My son just ripped the tape off the box of baby wipes.  Thinking now I have to find a place for the wipes and put the box in the recycle.
  • He’s fascinated with my flash drive…well this is always.
  • Thinking I’m glad that at least the laundry is done.
  • Wanting to design something, but don’t know what.  Creative block.
  • Waiting on my husband to get home.  Pretty sure I just heard the door shut…maybe, not.
  • My son just tried to eat a leaf that was stuck to the bottom of my foot.  We went outside to check the mail.  I was barefoot.
  • Yep, it was my husband.  He’s telling me about his day.  Fun times, he’s running a 5K tomorrow morning.
  • Excited about my business cards coming next week.  Just in time for all 3, yep 3 blogging conferences I’m going to this Fall.
  • Not happy its Fall, can I have more summer!
  • Don’t know what to eat for dinner.  Can I have dessert first…or instead?!

That’s right now…

Tenns Reid

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  1. Your list totally cracked me up. I’m loving the one where your son tried to eat the leaf from your foot. Hah. I hope you figure out dinner. We are going out & I’m getting a turkey burger. I hope you guys have a great evening!

    1. I’m so excited, I’m headed to Type A, BBC, and Niche. I can’t wait! My son is so silly! If he’s not eating everything, he’s exploring everything else. They’re both very scary. I have to keep eyes on at all times!

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