Hubs & I went and did our registries at Babies R’ Us and Buy Buy Baby today.  It was quite an experience, I tell you!  There is so much to choose from and being first time parents, we really didn’t know where to start.  For one, I had tried to get ideas online and pick out items, but I’m more of a visual person.  Needless to say, we jumped right in and went for it.  I’m sure I’ll end up adding, changing, and deleting things on both, but at least we have a start.  I still have one more registry to do, which will be at Target.  I’m not too concerned about that one, because it should be pretty easy to put together, considering Target has a much smaller selection of items to choose from than the other two.  I’m glad we at least have a good start of those two and we’re hoping that the bulk of what people get us will come from the registries.  I’m a very particular person, so I can see myself disregarding anything that is not to my liking.  Anyhow, I think we did a pretty good job in picking out stuff.  We didn’t try to go too crazy with picking out expensive items and we didn’t go overboard with the smaller stuff that we can get ourselves.  We pretty much went into it with the mindset that if we didn’t need it immediately or was something that we would need on a constant basis, we didn’t put it on the registry.  The one thing I do wish we could pick out is more clothes, but since weren’t finding out the sex until the birth we didn’t want to put too many on there.  Also, we me being so picky, its probably a good thing.  I can, again, see myself disregarding anything that isn’t cute or that I think would look good on the baby.  I think that was the hardest part of doing the whole registry is that I’m picky, particular, and indecisive.  I’m glad hubs was there to help decide, because it would have taken me forever by myself or with my mom, lol!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention the goodie bags I got from both stores.  The one I got from Babies R’ Us had mostly coupons and magazines in it, and the one from Buy Buy Baby had product samples, coupons, and a Baby Talk magazine in it.  I thought the one from Buy Buy Baby was nicer, and overall they had a larger selection to choose from.  Also, the customer service at Buy Buy Baby was really good.  I was approached by several sales associates throughout my visit asking if I needed help or if we were doing okay.  They also had someone in every department, so it was easy at most times to find help if we needed it.  Both stores take coupons and offer discounts, although Buy Buy Baby does take competitor coupons and price matches.  Babies R’ Us takes most coupons too, including manufacturers and has a 12 month return policy of registry items.  I enjoyed doing both, and look forward to completing the Target one.  I will be doing an update once I complete that one, so look out for that one.
Happy bumping!



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