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Pretty Little Liars is coming back on tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m seriously so thankful that a show I genuinely like is coming back on for the summer.  Summer tv can be the absolute worst, because nothing and I mean nothing comes on outside of re-runs and corny reality shows.  I’m glad that networks are switching it up and deciding to put some Dramas on for entertainment.  I can only handle so many talent reality shows.  Now…unfortunately, because its been like 3 months since PLL went off, I don’t remember exactly what happened in the last episode.  I know for a fact that we should find out who Red Coat is and that there is a whole new Ali storyline, with the character having made several appearances in the last season.  Then there’s the shifty detective who’s always out to get the girls and the ever-going up and down relationships between the girls and their parents, and the parents’ own drama.

Of course I’ll be doing a follow up post after tomorrow night’s show.  Make sure you watch, because there will be spoilers for sure!

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