Okay, so I have totally fallen off of my PLL weekly updates!  I really have no excuse, besides being too lazy to type up the recaps.

So let’s get to it:

Everyone is looking extremely suspect right now!  “A” could be anyone, and by anyone I mean any of the girls, parents, boyfriends, friends, etc.  I do still think that “A” is somewhat random, but somehow connected to all of the girls in some way.  There has been a lot of talk of Allie, but the storyline with her is slow and a little all over the place in my opinion.  It seems as if this girl was into an awful before her death, things that no 15 or 16 should have been into.  I mean from her possibly being pregnant when she died, to hanging out with college kids, manipulating nearly everyone around her including her mother, the whole mask thing…its crazy!  Now we have Spencer on this rampage to find out how all this ties in, but to me her and Toby seem the most suspicious.  I can’t shake the feeling that Spencer, of all the girls, has the strongest ties to “A”.  Her sister who has been in and out of the entire show’s storyline throughout the seasons has popped up as a player in this whole “A” game thing.  We also have Hannah’s mother looking very suspect in the death of Det Wilden, so Hannah is trying her best to figure how her mother is tied to that.  In this week’s episode we saw that Hannah’s father’s handgun, the same one used to kill Wilden, was found in her mother’s luggage.  Her mother denied ever having the gun and said she didn’t know how the gun got there.  The on-going storyline and tension between Aria and Ezra (Mr. Fitz) is still very apparent, although it appears she is trying to move on.  Funny enough, just as her mother exits the storyline, her brother re-enters it.  I haven’t seen him on the show since like season 2, when he start tripping.  I guess he’s back and stable, although he knows all about Aria’s affair with Ezra and makes it very known to her that he does.  I’m not quite sure of his relevance to the entire storyline, but he still appears somewhat jaded, so that might come into play down the line.

Meanwhile, Emily is now off the school’s swim team due to her shoulder injury.  That girl has the most unnecessary drama of the entire show.  Its like they try to make drama with a character that has none.  On the flipside, a new girl (not sure if she’s into girls or not) has popped up on the scene as competition for Emily.  Both with swimming and personally.  This chick is now on the school’s swim team after transferring, taking Emily’s spot on the team.  This particular girl is extremely shady acting and its evident that there is some real tension between the two girls.  Now, back to Toby and Spencer, as they nearly travelled back in time on this week’s episode, to seek out this housemother of a sorority that Allie had connections with.  I will tell you that this woman looked creepy as all get out!  I don’t know if it was the lighting, actually I’m pretty sure it was the lighting, but she was CREEPY!  The town they went to was almost a Pleasantville-esque looking town, with old cars and was seen by us outside viewers as being in black and white or sepia at times.  Spencer sees the woman getting her hair done in a salon and barges in to ask her about Allie.  The woman is of no help and Spencer is sent along her merry way.  Upon leaving the salon, Spencer realizes music is playing and that everyone is going to this courtyard with a statue with flowers on it.  We don’t know what this is about, but they see a girl they know from back in their hometown and start running to the car to follow.

Okay so back to Aria, her brother, and Ezra.  Aria is asked to look over a fellow students work, since she’s know for being a good writer.  Her and this guy, who looks to be in the same grade as her or brother, are sitting on the couch and she’s giving him her feedback, very platonically of course.  Next thing we know they finish up, he’s leaving and he plants a kiss on her.  She tells him she’s not interested in him like that and he leaves.  The next day at school Aria’s brother comes up to her to scold her about hooking up with this guy.  She is stunned, knowing that this did not happen and immediately runs into the boy’s lockeroom where this kid is and proceeds to tell him off.  He plays the jerk role and tries to make it appear as if she’s lying and blasts her, saying that everyone knows about he affair with Ezra.

Overall, the season is pretty good and every episode leaves me wanting more.  I wonder how long they plan on dragging out the Red Coat character and who “A” is or isn’t.  I feel like “A” changes with every season, and a new dynamic is added to the character, so that who “A” is can and probably will never be pinpointed.  That’s the true beauty of a real cliffhanger…hat’s off to the writers for contriving such poignant storylines with teenagers.

Until next time folks…

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  1. I JUST caught up on season 3 and the current season 4 episodes…..my guilty pleasure, PLL 🙂
    You summed it all up rather well…..if I had only found you sooner!

    1. Yep, my guilty pleasure too! I’m probably 10-12 years older than the targeted fan base, but I don’t care PLL is a good show!

      Thanks so much and I’ll continue to try to keep up with the episodes if not weekly, bi-weekly or so.

      Btw, Season 3 was really good…huge cliffhanger at the end, so your lucky to have been able to roll into Season 4 immediately!


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