I must say that this week has been quite trying. Unfortunately my 24 week appt this week didn’t take away from that. Now I rarely post things that are too deep or emotional, because I like to keep my blog a light-hearted and happy place. However, I do want my readers to know that I’m a real person, with real issues and that I’ll always be honest with them at the end of the day, despite whether its something negative or positive.  Okay, so there’s the disclaimer…now on to the appointment.
This was just a routine appointment, nothing special.  If you have been pregnant you know what I mean! It’s pretty much the same drill every time; weight, blood pressure, listening to the baby’s heartbeat, asking if your feel movement and if your taking your prenatals. Very uneventful! Well, this is what I thought it would be. In and out, ya know. Not so much!
My PA comes in the room and immediately asks me why I haven’t gained any weight, and not even in a concerned tone, but in an irritated tone. I was taken aback, because I know I’ve gained weight since my last appointment. She said I hadn’t and that I weighed the same thing I weighed last time. Number 1 I had way for clothes on last time I went to the doctor. Number 2 I had just weighed myself in the morning and saw I had gained a pound. Whatever…I wasn’t going to continue debating. I simply told her that I had been eating, and eating well at that. Se even asked my husband who was there with me and he said the same thing I said.
Anyhow, the appointment seemed to have gone down hill from there. When she went to check the baby’s heartbeat she acted like she was having trouble finding it. Usually she puts the Doppler on and hears the heart beat immediately and listens for a couple seconds and that’s it. This time she held the Doppler on me for at least a min and I had to ask what the heartbeat was. Usually she makes positive comments and says the baby is active or that the heartbeat was good.
One good thing about the appointment was that I got a copy of my chart and a printout of the ultrasound report from the anatomy scan. I also saw from the report that I have an anterior placenta. That bad boy is in the front acting as cushion for baby. I’ve felt movement since early on, so I never had an issue feeling baby move early on.
Alright guys, I’ll spare you another paragraph. Thanks for listening (well reading!)
Happy bumping!

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