I have loved candles since I can remember. Working for Bath & Body Works further exacerbated my affinity for candles. Of all the retailers out there, I really do think they have the best candles. They burn so clean and smell so good. Plus, they last forever…even the little ones. The great thing about their candles is that they come in a plethora of scents (to the point where you almost want to call them favors!), and they smell just like the actual name of the scent.  They don’t have that waxy fake smell to them like a lot of candles available on the market do. Candles at places like Walmart and Target, especially the Glade and like others candles don’t hold a flame (pun intended ) to BBW ones. Even though I don’t work for the company anymore, I’m still a loyal user of their products, especially the home fragrance.

I got four candles, which were half off, plus I used a $10 off coupon on my transaction. If you like BBW products, now is a great time to shop at their stores, because they have their big semi-annual sale going on. They have a number of products that are 50 and 75 percent off, plus other promos where many of the products are discounted. I actually picked up a few other products, just because I couldn’t pass them up.  So in all I ended up with 4 candles, a lip gloss, two loofahs (pink of course!), and two shower gels for hubs.  I spent just a little over $40 for everything, including taxes!
As you can see from my lovely picture, I love candles that meal like food or that at least have a sweet smell to them.
Here’s the run down about this bunch:
Homemade Cookies: They smell just like fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolately, vanillowy, creamy, sweet, and decadent.
*Described as whipped buttercream and pure cane sugar mixed with vanilla bean and rich, sweet cream.
Mint Chocolate:  Smells just like mint chocolate ice cream, even has the green color just like it.
*Described as semi-sweet chocolate, dark cocoa and peppermint with vanilla cream and white chocolate.
Ice Cream Shop:  Smells like sweet cream vanilla ice cream on a waffle cone.
*Descried as just like the perfect ice cream sundae – creamy vanilla, rich toffee and sweet almond blossom with a cherry on top.
Bellini Cafe: Smells fruity, almost like a sweet glass of champagne.
*Described as the Italian love of life is costumed in a blend of sparkling berries, juicy apple, and sugared grape notes. Bellissimo!
The candles are three-wick, 14.5 oz, and come packaged in contemporary glass jars with silver lids. They are regular price $20, however BBW often puts them on sale several time a year for either 50% off, 2/$20, or 2/$22, so you can always get them at a reasonable price.
Have you tried any of these candles out? If so, do you love them as much as I do? Let me know what you think!

Happy Bumping!

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