I know I’ve posted about my up and down appetite before, but it’s something that is still a frustration. I wish I could eat like I used to and not have any issues.  I’m sure many pregnant and non-pregnant women probably can’t wrap their head around what I’m talking about, but I’m sure there are many that can.  I know I need to continue to relax about the issue, and just let my body (and the baby) dictate when and what I feel the need to eat.  My PA said the baby is like a scavenger, pretty much it will take what it needs regardless. This goes back to what my mother said about being super healthy long before you get pregnant.  It’s like when I do sit down to eat, I can only eat a little bit. It’s hard to remember just how much I used to eat before I got pregnant, but I’m sure it was more than I eat now. A lot of women are concerned about gaining weight while pregnant and I’m more concerned about not gaining enough weight. The PA told me I’m supposed to gain a pound a week, and so far I’ve done just that. I will typically fluctuate throughout the week by a pound or so, but I usually always pick up that pound.

For Mother’s Day, my husband took me out for BBQ and it was delicious. Now, I do have to say that naturally I’m not a big BBQ person, but I do enjoy it every now and then. I really like seafood, especially crab legs and lobster tail, but I know those are the safest and healthiest options while pregnant and even not pregnant sometimes. I do pretty good with beef, and even chicken now, but fish and me are still not on the same page. I really think my fish aversion came from when my husband made me fish for Valentine’s Day and its not that it wasn’t good, it’s just that it was at the beginning of the height of my food aversions. 
Anyhow, I recognize that the weekends are the worst, because I’m not on a set schedule for when to eat. I sleep in and then get up and have some fruit or something light and then eat some lunch and maybe have something light for dinner.  During the week, I always eat breakfast, have a snack, eat lunch, have a snack, and most of the time eat a light dinner.  It the weekends that scare me the most, because I tend to eat more sweets and not as much “good food”.  Anyhow, just thought to share my thoughts.
Happy bumping!
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