Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yep, I’m back with another delicious recipe!  Chocolate chip cookies are my absolutely favorite cookies in the world.  There is no other cookie like it, that matches up to it, that IS IT!


I’ve made these cookies going on 4-5 years now.  The one big difference in my cookies rather than traditional chocolate chip cookie recipes is that I use shortening and a bit more vanilla than most recipes call for.


So, without further ado:


*The main recipe is adapted from Crisco’s recipe for Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies, but like I said I add a little extra of my fave ingredients like vanilla and chocolate chips.


DRIZZLE: Melt 1 cup semi-sweet or white chocolate pieces with 1 teaspoon shortening over very low heat. Stir well. If too thick to drizzle, add 1/8 to 1/2 teaspoon more shortening to thin. Drizzle from end of spoon back and forth over cookie. Sprinkle with nuts before chocolate hardens. To harden chocolate quickly, place in refrigerator for a few minutes.

DIP: Spoon melted chocolate into custard cup. Dip one end of cooled cookie halfway up in chocolate. Sprinkle with finely chopped nuts before chocolate hardens, or drizzle with contrasting white or dark chocolate. Place on wax paper.


As you can see this recipe does not call for any white granulated sugar which is a little different from most recipes I’ve come across.  I find that without the granulated sugar, the result is a chewy, moist, and dense cookie.

These can be made into bars or large rounds, so get as creative as you want with them.

Give them a go, I can assure you that they won’t disappoint!

Happy bumping!


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    1. They’re my fave too! I will tell you, I find this recipe the best. I’ve come across many chocolate chip cookie recipes with granulated sugar and they cookies just don’t turn out as well. It seems to weigh them down and make them flat, and too sweet. I like chewy and moist cookies, so this is just the recipe for that.

  1. I have been looking for a chewy chocolate chip cookie! This is so fantastic thank you!!

    I’m co-host at Pin It Tuesday, just wanted to drop by and say I hope I see you next week.

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