So as you all may know the past couple of days the South has been experiencing Polar Vortex/Snowpocalypse Pt. 2, 3, 4…okay I might have lost count.  Anywho, we’ve basically been getting some hellish weather, to include freezing rain, snow, and ice.  Hubs actually got 3 days off work this week, because of the bad weather.  There was no way he could even get out of the driveway with it looking like this:

Snow-ice Days #SnowDay #Winter #Ice #Snow #ColdWeather

Yes, that’s pretty much a sheet of ice on our driveway!

And these are our snow-ice covered cars:



You can see the huge sheet of snow-ice surrounding our cars.  Isn’t that crazy?!


And on top of our cars.

All around the house, literally 360…there’s snow-ice:




And in the coda sac:



So much for sitting on the back patio and sippin’ sweet tea.  Yeah…not happening!


The woods behind the house…so sparse!  I miss the fruitful flourish of greenery that is usually my backyard. 🙁


Snow ice footsteps…mostly Hubs, because I was not even foolin’ with that snow-ice.


You know its cold when running water freezes in motion!


So that’s been our Snow-Ice Days.  Are you as tired of the winter and cold as I am?  And that groundhog said we had 6 more weeks…ugh, dread!  Maybe he was bluffing!


Tenns Reid

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  1. Can I say that doesn’t look too bad for me? I am from ND after all. Lol I’m used lots of snow. When winter starts off here, it rains first, turns to freezing snow, then snow. But I am ready for Spring. I’m tired of winter.

  2. I’m in Wisconson and have two feet of snow on top of my grill outside! We are used to snow and ice and seldom have things close around here. When the wind chill reaches -45 then they start talking school closings! I enjoyed your photos – I think I need to post some myself…maybe feature some DIY shoveling!

    My daughter lives in Virginia and they are snowed in too. She sent me a picture of her DH shoveling. She grew up in MI, so she knows how to navigate in snow but those around her don’t – so it’s scary when they have to drive around.

    Your blog is adorable. Keep it up!

  3. The winter of 2014 will be engrained into the minds of many. We had an ice storm last week and now we’re buried under a foot and half of snow here in WV. Calling for 1 – 3 inches in the morning. Stay safe.

  4. My brother and his wife got buried under 10 inches in the DC area. More to come. He said it took 3 hours to clear the driveway. What you have looks like a walk in the park…literally. I remember being snowed in when I lived in NY. I miss those days. When you know its coming which you always do, preparation mode kicks in. I picked up all of my favorite foods, snacks, magazines, wine (used to drink back then) and BlockBuster movies. Now its all about Netflix. I was good once I had those things to keep me company. I relaxed, caught up on phone calls, took naps, did some writing,. stopped into my neighbors down the hall and made the best of it. Sounds weird but being snowed in was always alright with me.

    Stopping by from #SITS

    1. Oh my goodness that’s crazy! I recently moved from Northern Virginia, so I know how bad it can get up that way. It makes me so glad to be back in the South. I really hope your brother and his wife made out of the snow-in okay! Snow days are fun, but I’m a totally hot weather girl. I love nothing more than a nice, sunny, hot day with the sun shining on my face…and my leather car seats being so hot I feel like they’re burning my legs, lol! That’s how you know it’s too hot down here, haha! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. LOL at the running water freezing in motion! I feel for you guys over there with that weather! I’m sure it was a plus having hubby home for 3 days though 🙂

    1. LOL! I know right! I tell you girl, can’t wait until the warm weather gets here…just a few more weeks. Yes, it was sooo nice to have him home for those few days! 🙂

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