NaBloPoMo | The Mountains, The Snow...Oh No, No, No | NewMamaDiaries.comIt seems like everyone loves the mountains!  Me…not so much.  I’m completely fine with not subjecting myself to the cold all for the sake of seeing the amazing landforms.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to learn to sky or even go snowboarding, but minus the whole cold part.  I hate the cold!  Every year I can’t wait until the cold breaks and the warm spring sun breaks through.  I love summer, like with a passion.  I love everything about the summer, and when I say everything I mean everything.  The heat, the humidity, the stickiness, my hot leather carseats burning the back of my thighs, I love it all.

I never look forward to winter, with the exception of the holidays.  With that being said the only way I’d find myself at a ski resort would be if I knew they had hot springs there I could hang out in, and that it was during the holidays.  I’d literally spend all my time in the hot springs, drinking hot cocoa, and then bundled up inside in front of a warm fire place.  I take it now that you’re seeing a trend here, huh?  Yes, I love heat, even in the winter!  If it were up to me, I’d completely skip over winter and go from fall straight to spring.  I’d actually make it so that we completely skip over the cold days in spring when winter’s still trying to hold on to get right to those nice 75 degree days.

I don’t aspire to ever take a trip to Alaska, heck I can’t even handle New York in the winter and I love the city.  There’s nothing about dressing in layers that makes me happy.  I’m a barefoot kind of girl who appreciates minimalist clothing over several layers.  The only time I wear layers is to make an outfit cuter, not to stay warm.  However, I do have common sense and do dress in layers when its cold, but its so constricting to me!  I can’t move, everything is stiff, and most of the time I can’t get my purse on my shoulder.  Also, half the time I don’t know where to put my coat or what to do with it when I finally go inside somewhere.

I do think that the mountains and the snow are beautiful and can even be romantic.  If only I could just change that whole cold thing they have going on.  I’ll admire from afar, like through the screen of my MacBook.  That way I could still be in shorts and flip flops and daydream about doing aerials over half pipes.  Yep, I’ll take that, but what I won’t take is the snow, and the cold, and the extra high altitude.  Anywhere like that, you won’t find me vacationing, even if everyone else is doing it.  So the mountains, the snow, I say no, no, no…but if I won a free trip, I might not pass that up!


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  1. I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I love mountains AND beach relaxing. Maybe mountains in the summer and warm beaches in a tropical place during the New England winter.

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