The last thing I hid was probably money.  Not in the I conducted a secret heist kind of way though.  It was, because Hubs & I set aside money for savings.  We didn’t have a joint account at the time, and had the money cold hard cash instead of in electronic form.  I know hiding cash is kind of an old school thing to do, but I’ve always done it.  I mean to myself. 

I’ve hid money from myself ever since I started making money.  Its not that I forget where the money is, although sometimes I do and find it later.  It always a pleasant surprise when that happens!  However, I think its more about the money not being readily accessible.  If its in a spot that takes work for me to get to, then I’m less likely to dip and dabble in it often.

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve found money that I’ve hidden.  Funny thing is that many times this money is right in my wallet.  I got this from my mom, she told me when I was younger to always have a little bit of money tucked away in my wallet or purse.  Her reasoning was that you never know what situation you’ll get into that you might need a little extra on hand.  She actually gets pretty peeved with me even today, because I don’t carry cash, or carry it very often.  My rationale is that I don’t want to loose it and I hate keeping up with it while shopping.  Her rationale:  You never know what situation you’ll get in where you’ll need a little extra.

Has this every happened to you? – Ran out of money somewhere, or your card or check wouldn’t work/process?  Do you keep a little bit tucked away in case of emergencies?


Tenns Reid

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  1. Your mom makes such a valid point! I don’t like the idea of knowing that its that easily accessible either. I do put a savings amount away. What we are doing now that is having a certain amount go into a savings account every check hubby has. Awesomeness! I told him we should not even remember that money is there so it can really start to build. I don’t handle the finances though. When I want something, I just ask hubby everytime lol.

    1. She really does, I just hate having to keep up with cash. A little bit tucked a way is always good though. That’s great that you and your husband are actively saving. I too have an allotment that comes out of my paychecks that goes into a separate account. I tend to forget about that account, which is good, because I rarely spend out of it. You’d be surprised how quickly the pennies add up!

  2. Lately, I try to keep a couple of dollars in my car. I mainly spend cash vs. using a card, but sometimes I’ll put my money in my pocket and forget to put it back in my wallet. I hate it when I leave the house and I don’t have any cash, which is why I like to have a couple of dollars in my car. I don’t like using a card if I happen to want to get something to eat.

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