I’ll be the first to say that I’m not usually unplugged at all!  However, since this post is going up a day late, then you can see that sometimes I am.  Oftentimes I still find some way to still stay plugged in, but when I’m driving 600 miles with a newborn, well it just wasn’t gonna happen.  Nonetheless, as I digress I never really set aside time to not be plugged in.  I’m plugged in when its convenient for me.

I value my family and personal time, and it always comes first.  Especially with a newborn, I simply don’t have a choice.  I knew when I had my son that my free time would be cut in half.  That’s the sacrifice you make as a parent.  My son won’t be a baby forever, so I treasure that fact that he is now.  He needs me, and I always want to be here for him.  One day he won’t need me as much, but the internet will still be here.  Even if the internet or social media did go away, I’d still have my family and life to live.  It might be different, but we’d learn to survive without it.

I think the important thing is to keep a balance.  As I’ve stated before, I strive to keep a balance in doing just that everyday.  I keep this balance in accordance with my priorities and go from there.  Being too overly consumed in any one thing is not good, so for me to be the best me…I keep a balance.  The internet is fun, but not always necessary.  Some times you just have to put away the phone, tablet, or computer and bask in the moment.  Its those moments that makes life so great and worth living.

What about you? – How do you keep a balance between online and offline?  Do you set aside designated time for both?

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