I could go on and go about love, but I would seriously write a book here people!  I love to love, always have, always will.  I love God, my child, my husband, myself, and my family.  Yes, in that exact order.  I’m a God-fearing woman, and I feel like if you put God first then everything else falls into place.  I wouldn’t have met my husband and fallen in love, gotten married, and had our son without the love of God.  It is my show love and faith in Him that bestows his blessings onto me and my family.

My love of God is the reason I’m able to stand strong in my faith and know that everything happens according to his will.  This means that I’m patient, regardless of how long it takes for a prayer to be answered.  I know that everything happens on His time and not mines.  I feel so blessed, despite the hardships or not so ideal situations that may have happened in my life.  It is the love that I have for Him that strengthens my faith every single day.

My husband and I were just discussing how blessed and fortunate we are.  Its amazing how things fall into place when you trust in God.  Without love, you can’t trust in anyone, because love takes trust.  Our lives have by no means been ideal lately.  We have been praying for certain things over the past year, and its really been a test.  However, we put our trust and love in God, and knew he would bless us when the time was right.

We know He will continue to bless us as long as we continue to love him and show that love.  At the end of the day, love is continued faith, whether you have it in God, a person, or passion.  I’m blessed enough to have all three and love God for that.

That’s my take on Love!

NaBloPoMo November 2013


Tenns Reid

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  1. Nice take on love! I agree that everything falls into place with love and trust. How nice to be able to count your blessings the way you do, and to be so thankful.

  2. I LOVE your take on Love and totally agree with it. I feel putting God first completely aligns everything else in your life. Even the downs won’t bring you so down because you will have the Love of God there to support you and hold you up. Great post as always 🙂

    1. Thanks so much girl!

      You know we are always on the same wavelength. I know you know exactly where I’m coming from being a fellow God-fearing/God-centered life woman. You are so right, as long as you have Him in your life, you can get through anything!

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