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“I know something you don’t know” – What a loaded phrase right?  Well, I have to agree it is.  In a world where everything new is actually old, there isn’t much that one person knows that another can’t find out.  This day an age with the advanced technology and instant access to just about anything, there’s almost no excuse.  Want to know how to do something?  Look up!  There’s Google, Youtube, television, and dare I say it books!  Even if its on your Kindle or phone, you can still look up a book and in the palm of your hand.  Or…you could just ask someone, go straight to the source.  However, unfortunately, not every one is so eagerly ready to share information with you.  Sharing is caring, but not everyone cares.

Sadly, we live in a ‘dog-eat-dog’ where its every man (and woman) for themselves.  People want to keep all they’ve worked hard for, obtained overtime, and achieved to themselves.  They may choose to share it with someone special or a very select, exclusive group of individuals, but you best believe many won’t broadcast it.  I’ll be honest, I’m guilty of it myself.  I honestly feel like it comes from a place of insecurity, fear that with your knowledge, that someone will go off and do what you’re doing better than you.  Realistically this may happen, but more often than not they won’t.  Everyone has their own way o doing things, so even if they use your method as inspiration or example it will have their spin on it.  Now of course its one thing if they take what you have and completely duplicate it with no effort to make it their own.  That’s just ridiculous, and down right disrespectful.  However, more often than not they will create their own original masterpiece.

By sharing you could make someone’s day.  I know for me this has happen numerous times with my designing.  I’ll be on the search for how to code something for hours and just when I’m about to throw in the towel, I come across a post or forum answer that someone has shared, providing me with the answer or how-to.  Sometimes, its the small things you share that help people out.  That one snippet of information can completely turn someone’s life around.  Knowledge is power, and your no less powerful sharing your knowledge.  If anything your more powerful, because by sharing you are now a primary source for knowledge and by default people will want to give back to you.  They may do this by promoting you, referring you, or simply doing something nice for you or even viewing you as a role model.  Those types of things are priceless, especially these days when it seems like good people are so hard to come by.

When it comes down it, you share because you have the ability to do so.  Sharing not only allows you to help others, but serves as a way to gain experience and wisdom.  You’d be surprised that many times, sharing something small can have a huge return.  We should never be selfish with our knowledge.  Although, I highly recommend being smart with it.  You of course have to ascertain and use discern when choosing who you decide to share it with, but most often that person is good like you.

I’m getting more comfortable everyday sharing knowledge, skills, experiences with others.  It really makes me a better person and most importantly a blessed person.  I know I’m blessed because my God is a sharing God, if He weren’t I wouldn’t be here.  I strive to be more and more Christ-like every day, and I know that sharing is a part of that, so I will continue to share and share alike.

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  1. This is so beautiful.
    I often share my photography tips and secrets. It could be an e-book or I could just help people out there take better photos! (if they don’t already know what I know and much more)

  2. Great post! I agree sharing is caring!!! I try to share as much as I can. I love when bloggers share tips and coding, it’s helped me many times.
    I have a whole board filled with FREE blogging tips and tricks.

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