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Maybe you are, maybe you’re not, but I am!  I’m looking for the one part of me that I’ve yet to be able to really define here on New Mama Diaries: my blogging voice.  You would think I would have being a fairly frequent blogger and at, but its something I struggle with all the time when it comes to blogging. The interesting thing is that I always have something to write about, but I’m never quite sure if it belongs on my blog.  Its not like in real life where you can say whatever you want any time you want to who you want.

Blogging requires a little more discretion, because people are reading and they can’t see your face or tell the inflection in your voice.  In real life, most people you talk to have a frame of reference for who you are and how you think.  However, when it comes to blogging many times these situations are part of the equation.  This means that you have to be able to convey who you are and what your about from your writing style and what you post about solely.  For me this is a struggle, because I’m interested in so many things and I have different writing styles depending on what I’m writing about.

Most people stop by NMD and think its just a “mommy blog”, and its not really one at all.  Whenever I’m asked what kind of blog I have, I always reply Lifestyle/Motherhood, but really more Lifestyle.  I’m chronicling my life as a new mother and the many parts of me, my interests, and experiences along the way.  I’m not just writing about child-rearing or parenting, although sometimes I do.  I love the flexibility, but it makes it hard to pinpoint what belongs and what doesn’t.  In essence, I could post on just about anything, but I wouldn’t want to go too left field.  Posting about politics or sports are probably two things you will never see here on NMD.  I know for a fact that those are far from being part of my blogging voice.  Nonetheless, you may see me post a story about my son or husband one day and the next blogging tips, a recipe, or tutorial.  Sometimes I wonder if its too all over the place, but I always come back to the same answer: Its me.  I as a person can’t be contained to just one box, never have, never will.  Does this make it harder to post sometimes, yes and no.  Does it makes me blog pretty much nicheless, probably so.  Can I clearly define my blogging voice by being this way?  Well, yes, but it will take time and I’ll keep at it.

I think all too often, people feel the need to put themselves in a box or group.  By default humans want to belong.  We want to belong to something, somehow.  Blogging is no different, even a a nicheless, undefined, or less defined blogger I want to belong somewhere.  When you belong, it makes sense…even if you don’t necessarily belong to something good.  We would rather be included and a part of something than not.  However, when you’re in a position like mines, you have to be comfortable with standing alone sometimes.  I’ll admit that it makes things more interesting, and like I said flexible, but it still is a bit of a struggle.  Sometimes I think that if I had a more defined blogging voice that it’d be easier to post and that I’d post more often.  The thing is though, that not having a defined blogging voice is my blogging voice.

If its the one thing I’ve learned over time with blogging, is to stay true to myself.  My very weaknesses my very strength, and because of that I will relish in the fact that I’m a little (or a lot) all over the place in my blogging.  I write what I feel passionate about, what  feel with help people, and what I believe is quality content.  This i one reason why I have a lot to post some weeks and other ones not so much.  If I’m going to spend time doing anything, its going to be quality.  I can always strive to be a better blogger, but I can’t strive t be a different me.  My blogging voice is a representation of that, and so it is one of me and I’m okay with that.  I’m okay with not having a defined voice, but I will continue to work to develop it into a better, more clear, concise, and helpful voice.

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  1. I totally get it, I get put in a box, and I’m not a Barbie. I’m 3D there are SO many sides to me 🙂 I think the same of you, I’ve never though Tenns, the Mommy Blogger. I actually consider you to be Tenns, the helpful blogger with great blog tips, yummy recipes, and a cutie pie son.
    I believe we’re always evolving, with writing our blogs, we’ll never be where we started, and hopeful that’s a good thing. In your case my dear sweet friend, I only see good things.

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