I love fashion!  One of my first jobs was at Wet Seal, followed by Charlotte Russe.  I’ve never had a specific style, always jumping around the fashion spectrum.  This why I’d never be a fashion blogger, I’m not consistent enough.  One day I’m All-American in jeans and a plaid shirt, and the next I’m jazzy in a skirt with peep-toe stillettos.  Up until I got pregnant, rarely wore sweats, yoga pants, or anything thing of the lounge-wear likeness.  However, now I have happily embraced such articles of clothing.  I still don’t wear them very often since I’m now able to fit back into my pregnancy jeans, but I do appreciate them a lot more now.

Hubs & I are both pretty big on fashion, him more than me sometimes.  Here we are below headed to one of his bestfriend’s wedding.  And nope, we totally didn’t coordinate our outfits.  It literally just happens that way more often than not.


Occasionally, you’ll find me in athletic gear, minus the Captain America mask and shield.


But not for long…here I am with a few selfies from a few years back.  Alright girl! :::snaps fingers:::


Me and Hubs at one of our baby showers.  The yellow was a coordinated theme for the shower.  Not my idea…that was all my mother-in law and sister in-law.  It was a cute theme though, everything black and yellow Bumblebee. Side note:  I was 7 months pregnant in this pic.


Present day me, well kinda sorta.  This is post-baby me in my now appreciated sweats.  This is about as dressed down as I get to actually leave the house.


I could go on forever, but I stop where I’m at, because the pics pretty much sum me up fashion wise.  I told you I was all over the place when it comes to my style.  I love being versatile and don’t see myself ever sticking to any one particular style.

What about you? – Do you have a specific style?  Favorite outfit?

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  1. I definitely think you could have an element of fashion on your blog! You have so many styles that would definitely apply to all sorts of people! I love fashion too. I haven’t shopped really in awhile because we have other priorities at the moment, but me and hubby both love to dress! I would love to see more posts about some of the outfits you put together. I could definitely get some more ideas from you girl! xo

  2. I think sticking to just one style is overrated, anyways! 🙂 I know my style could be totally different from day to day. Though I do find myself drawn to some of the same things again and again–bright colors, full skirts, etc.

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