NaBloPoMo | Breaking Out of Writer's Block | NewMamaDiaries.comYou guys, I’m failing measurably at #NaBloPoMo, but the topics are just too good to pass up, so I’m continuing it despite being a little backlogged.  The funny thing is that this post is all about Writer’s Block and I haven’t even really it lately, but I have had a busy schedule that has kept me from sitting down and blogging.  All day long I have the idea in my head to go and get a blog post done, then I don’t.  Its no because I don’t want to, a lot of the time its because I like to really sit down and have a clear head when it comes to drafting a post.  My brain is too full sometimes and I can’t make sense of things.  Sometimes, having Writer’s Block is just like that.  You’re not necessarily uninspired or at a lost for what to write, but more so can’t properly channel your thoughts into actual words.

The crazy thing about having any type of creative block is that it can come out of nowhere.  One day you might be so inspired to do whatever you do creatively and the next…completely gone.  If you’re anything like me, your creativity blocks lift at some ungodly hour of the morning when you should be sleep.  Creativity blocks are just that, blocks, but they’re not permanent.  They’re temporary moments that our brains need to decompress and refresh.  A lot of the times we come out of these blocks better than ever, more inspired and creative than ever before.  This is why its so important to not become discouraged when we get into a place where we feel the creative juices have run dry.  We should relish in those moments and know that the best is yet to come.

You can equate this same mindset if you’re feeling discouraged or like things just aren’t working out for you.  Know that its temporary, because nothing last forever.  Everything has a season, and if you aren’t in yours, its right around the corner.  Your season to prosper, be inspired, grow, learn, and develop into a better you is right within reach.  So while you’re in a block, whether it be a Writer’s Block, creativity block, love block…whatever, know that its temporary and that you will break out better than ever in due time.  In the meantime, set back, relax, and enjoy some R&R, because the good times are coming and when the creative juices start flowing, boy do that flow!

Tenns Reid

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  1. Jane H (Limeade Gal) says:

    Thank you I needed to hear this right now! My writers block just listed last night and I was finally able to publish a post. I will keep your advice in mind for future episodes, 🙂 ,& remember not to panic!

  2. I get times when I just don’t have time to write a post and then when I do I am so tired, I just can’t think. I am trying to get better! This a great motivational post! Thanks. Happy Saturday Sharefest.

  3. Some of my best work is rinsed down the drain of my shower. I always have such good blog posts in there, then when I get out to write it down, it’s never the same.
    Sometimes, I’m inspired by the most random things, I left a comment on a blog post, and I needed to elaborate more… that’s what the blog is for, right?
    I’ve also found that Twitter’s 140 character restraint can sometimes inspire me to write more 🙂

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