My writing space is usually anywhere in my house that I can get comfortable.  Most of the time that means on the couch in my living room.  I do the bulk of my writing on my laptop, occasionally on my iPad, and seldom on my phone.  However, I have the WordPress app on both my iPad and iPhone in case I need to create a draft for a post idea or make a quick post.  When I write, I typically have the tv going in the background or I’m carrying on a conversation with my husband.  Since having my son, this has changed a little, because I’m having to cater to his needs.  Fortunately, but unfortunately he sleeps during the day, so that’s my prime for writing.

You may think why I wouldn’t choose a quite, serene space away from everything and everyone.  Well the thing is that I just don’t operate that way.  I like noise, light, and at least someone around at all times.  While I do enjoy alone time, I’d rather have some around, even if I’m busy.  I’m the ultimate multi-tasker that way.  I like to be stimulated visually and verbally, and on my couch in front of the tv, looking out my windows into the Virginia Highlands treeline behind my house does just that for me.

So of my best ideas come from what’s on the tv, a conversation with my husband, or gazing out of my living room windows.  I have a little bit of nature, some human interaction, and some entertainment value all in my writing space.  Its simply what works for me. – What works for you?  Do you have a dedicated writing space or alone space that you go to in order to get your thoughts out?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


Tenns Reid

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    1. Lol, we must be on the same wavelength! I’m glad to know I’m not the only busy body that can’t stand silence. Headed over to read your post right now! 😉

  1. I am the same way when it comes to blogging lol I type on my laptop in my living room and usually the tv is going and my 2 year old is playing. In some of my most hectic times at home I write the best posts 🙂

    1. I completely agree! I always work better better and produce more when I’m under pressure or have a lot going on. Its like my brain doesn’t like it any other way. 😉

  2. I like to have a little noise in the background, but I absolutely cannot type a blog post if someone is talking to me or I’m trying to concentrate on both the tv and the blog post. I’m good at multi-tasking but I’m not that good!

    1. I’m like that with talking on the phone! I seriously can not focus if someone is talking to me in person and I’m on the phone at the same time. I’m pretty good at multi-tasking too, but the phone is where it ends for me, lol!

  3. I tend to be in the living room as well when I write, typically on my iPhone lol! I don’t need a lot of noise in the background but I’m ok with the TV going in most cases. I usually am writing when my son is engaged in a TV show or when he naps during the day or sleeps at night. 🙂

    1. Girl you are better than me! I usually read my feeds and reply to comments for my iPhone. I don’t think I have the patience to blog from it, except for super short posts.

      With baby I have to blog when he’s sleep or engaged too, because otherwise he has my full attention. As a matter of fact, I have to do everything when he’s engaged or sleeping now, lol!

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