MommyGuilt So I’m usually the oh-so informative blogger.  While I do share some personal thoughts, I tend to lean more towards information giving versus seeking.  However, I’m calling out to all moms out there now.  It’s a shameful subject, a scary one, at times a sad one.  Its:  Mommy Guilt!

To be honest, I never even heard of “mommy guilt” until I join the mom club.  I think the first time I ran across the term was at some point during my pregnancy.  I told myself, “That’s never gonna be me.”  I just knew I was gonna be that rockstar mom (and wife) who is able to pat her head and rub her belly all while cooking dinner, nursing a baby, and being a hot-smoking wife.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I just can’t get it all done.  Its been a harsh reality, because I’ve always been able to get it all done.  Oftentimes, I feel like the second I take my focus off my son, that I’m taking something away from him.   I feel like I should be engaging him non-stop ever waking hour that he’s awake.  Unrealistic:  Absolutely!

Its another one of those things that no one tells you about before you have children.  Either that, or I’m completely irrational in my mothering.  The slightest thing can trigger the mommy guilt.  You leave the room for two seconds to grab a glass of water or use the bathroom, and they start to stir.  Putting them down to sleep, walking away from the crib and you see their little faces already missing you.  Sometimes its too much for me.  They say you can’t spoil a baby, but I’m certain my son has me wrapped around his finger.  Its so hard, I always feel torn with what to do.  As a mother, I will always put my child first, but I’m sure a balance gets struck somewhere in all this.

Have you ever had “mommy guilt”?  If so, how have you dealt with it?


Tenns Reid

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  1. Trust me when I say this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! My 3rd most popular post on my blog is my “15 CONFESSIONS from a Stay-At-Home Mom (The Dirty Truth)
    ” post. I think that’s because a lot of moms feel this way, but just don’t openly admit it. After posting up that, I took a mini-vacation & did some thinking. Now, I am working on finding solutions for each of those ‘confessions’ because I don’t LIKE feeling that way.

    Ila from He Has MS

  2. my entire being right now consists of mommy guilt…i think for me i try and spend as much time with him on the weekends and evenings as i can doing fun things. we are lucky in the sense that he stays home with dad so it could be worse!!

  3. I get mommy guilt everyday every sec etc. The look on my 1 yr old face when I leave him in the morning for work is sadness. I feel bad but I have no other choice. But yeah I agree. I am always living with the mommy guilt. I don’t think it will ever go away.

  4. So normal and never ending. My first experience was when I was so tired and tried to catch up on shows while my newborn was asleep in his room. Well, I fell asleep on the couch and even with the monitor, I didn’t hear him crying right away as usual. I felt terrible.

  5. What works for me is that I plan out my day, I try to leave work for times where the babies are busy or sleeping. Then when they’re around, I try to be as involved as I can be. It gets better, but just remember, trying to do it all only lasts for a short time. There will be a day (and it’s coming sooner than you think) that you child will turn around and wave to you and you wish you had those few extra minutes. School, then after school activities, then sleep overs, then friends houses after school, then dances…. then, then, then…. Take advantage of spending time with them now.

  6. Ahhhh, “The Guilts”, as I call them! When I’m with the kids, I feel guilty about how crazy the house is…when I start tackling the house, I feel guilty about my poor lonely children! I’ve tried several different remedies, downloaded several different apps, and conducted several different internet searches, but none have relieved my burden! I HAVE come up with a remedy that seems to work though…at least for me and my 18 month old: I work in cycles now…if I decide to clean for 1/2 an hour, once that time is up, I spend the next 1/2 hour completely devoted to my girl: no phone/texting, no distractions, just me and the lady. Nothing’s perfect, but I do this throughout the day, and I gotta say, it works pretty well!! Time limit on the house and guaranteed time with my girl!

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