Pregnancy has definitely had its ups and downs as far as food goes.  It seems like since the day I found out I was pregnant, my appetite went haywire.  I used to have a relatively healthy appetite, even though I’ve always been a picky eater.  However, since becoming pregnant, I pretty much eat because I know I have to.  I’m never really hungry, but more or less have a sensation to satiate my sustenance needs.  Before, I was pregnant I never ate breakfast, but always had a mid-morning snack.  I ate a pretty good size lunch, had a snack when I got home from work, and a hefty size dinner most nights.  Now, I eat breakfast (again, because I know I have to), have a mid-morning snack, which is usually a piece of fruit, small lunch, and a decent size dinner.  I physically just cannot eat a lot at one time, which isn’t that different from before I was pregnant just worst now.  It seems like pregnancy quadrupled my picky eating and gave me a super finicky appetite.  The funny thing is that if I don’t eat I feel horrible, and usually get grumpy.  It been one of the more challenging sides of pregnancy to have my appetitie messed with.  I take my food very seriously normally.  I have oftentimes worried that the baby isn’t getting enough of what it needs, because of my finicky appetitie and food aversions.  This is especially disconcerting with me still not being a huge fan of meats and most protein enriched foods.  I just started back eating eggs this week, and I’m still not eating fish.  I know that second and third trimesters are when the baby starts packing on the most weight, and nutritional needs are the highest at this time.  I’m well into my second trimester, so I know how important it is.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the right things while pregnant, which probably causes me more anxiety and stress about food, than what pregnancy has actually brought on.  Everyone has told me to lighten up and relax about it, but its my nature to worry.  Things have been getting better as far as my appetite goes, but it still presents its challenges every so often.  I do my best to work through and still give my body (and the baby) what it needs. 

These are the things that people don’t tell you about pregnancy.  Not everyone eats for two or can eat for two, some of us can barely eat for one.

Happy Bumping!



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