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As I get my day started at work I always check out for the most recent news.  As I was scrolling down the homepage, I saw an article of the BlogHer ’13 conference.  Of course I had to click on it, since I vicariously attend the conference through all the posts, articles, and tweets about it.  The article itself was pretty straighforward and had nothing altogether too negative or postive about the conference or bloggers for that matter.  It gave some surface level insight into the current blogging world, mainly focusing on how the bulk of these bloggers are “blogger mommies”.  They describe these women as stay-at-home moms who pretty much are able to make a job out of their blog and draw some substantial income, comparable to that of a full-time job.  This is the true for many in the community, but not all.  I’m an active duty service-member who works full-time and blog part-time.  I’m also an expectant mother, that has been blogging for years, but this is the first time I’ve actually stuck with it and gained a following.  I will soon be taking on the role of stay-at-home mom once baby gets here and if I can still contribute to society in some way inside of the home,while drawing an income then hey, I’m all for it.

Anyhow, just wanted to share the article with you all since the comments were pretty colorful.  I even logged in an replied to one, because it was such a silly one putting down bloggers, or at least “mommy bloggers”.

Here is the original article for your viewing and reading pleasure:

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