I’ll be the first to say that I’m a huge proponent of investing in yourself, especially as an entrepreneur.  However, many times we really don’t know what areas of our businesses to invest in.  Figuring out if you need to invest in your website’s design, branding, conferences, courses, etc. can be daunting and overwhelming.  Even more so, everywhere we turn it seems like everyone is offering something, so it makes it that much harder to decipher what you should invest in.  When you find yourself in this position, where you aren’t quite sure what direction to go in, its the perfect time to hire a coach or invest in a coaching course.

Investing In Yourself: The Benefits of Coaching & Consultation {+ A Giveaway!} | BliissandFaith.com

Being completely honest with you, prior to my rebrand I never would have thought twice about hiring a coaching or investing in any type of coaching services.  I believe this is one of the reasons I failed in not only one business, but two.  I had no direction and was trying to do everything and appeal to everyone.  If I’d known that I could have hired someone to help figure things out, I’m certain that I would have been much more successful in my businesses today than I am.  Better late than never, and after attending a few conferences at the end of last year, some which were helpful and others that weren’t, I started to understand the importance of making relevant investments in my business that would truly benefit its growth.

Coming Back from My Own Failures

Investing In Yourself: The Benefits of Coaching & Consultation {+ A Giveaway!} | BliissandFaith.comI took that mindset into my rebranding, and made it my mission to invest in myself and business.  Since my rebrand in March, I’ve attended numerous webinars, purchased two educational courses that include coaching components, and I’ve been on the lookout for niche-related conferences and in-person networking events so that I can connect with other creatives.  Knowing that I needed to do these things didn’t just pop out of my head, I had to learn (the hard way) that I needed to do them.  This is exactly where a coach can come in and save you so much time and money, and I wish I’d known that a year ago.  You can really waste so much time trying to figure it all out and doing it all on your own.  

Knowing What to Invest In

A coach can help you figure out what investments you need to make, such as if a particular conference will be useful, if you’re offering the right products and services that align with your business missions, and motivating you to take that next step to growing your business.  That small investment will pay dividends when you’re making the money you want to be making in your business and you feel its fulfilling the goals and dreams you have for it.  If this doesn’t give you a reason to seriously think about hiring a coach, here are a few more:

  • Giving you guidance and direction for where to take your business.
  • Focusing your creativity to the areas of your business that will grow it to the level that you desire.
  • Helping you to target your ideal client or market and appeal to them.
  • Analyzing your goals and aspirations, and helping you align them with your businesses mission.
  • Creating a plan of action that will guide you to running a successful business.

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In realizing how useful a coach would have been to me in the early days of my business, I realized that I could offer all that I’ve learned and my expertise to others who may be where I was a year ago.  The way I’m offering that expertise is through the content that I post here on the blog, and in my new coaching services that you can find out more about here.  My coaching process is centered on helping you to organize your thoughts and ideas, all while building a brand that will generate the income of your dreams.

The motivation behind me offering one-on-one help is because I don’t want to see others struggle the way I have in being a business owner.  I want to be a built support system for other’s, because entrepreneurship can be lonesome at times.  Its so easy to feel like you’re treading the waters alone and having someone there to talk to can really keep you out of your own head.

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Deterring Information Overload

I know that many of my readers visit similar blogs on a daily basis, and that can result in information overload.  A major part of educating one’s self is to be able to organize and apply the education so that it can benefit you.  Not knowing how to apply what you’ve learned is detrimental, because you will have a ton of ideas bouncing around in your head and not know which one’s to implement.  This can lead to you trying to implement all of them at once or none at all, both which serve you no justice.

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Investing In Yourself: The Benefits of Coaching & Consultation {+ A Giveaway!} | BliissandFaith.comInformation overload is one of many problems that entrepreneurs face because there is so much of it out there.  The one thing that entrepreneurs have in common is that they are always looking to learn, however in doing so, they need what it is exactly that they need to learn to benefit their businesses.  Some think they know, but end up being wrong and wasting time and money.  Others have no clue, and well, end up experiencing the latter as well.  The help of a coach can mitigate this, because you have someone right there to guide you along the way.  They’ve been where you’re at or seen someone else going through the exact same thing, so they can offer to helpful insight and direction for how to get past it and the next beneficial steps you should take in succeeding in your goals.

Having someone to consult with can do wonders for confidence as a business owner.  We all need someone to bounce ideas off of and being able to do that with another business-minded person can really help you sift through some of your bigger business decisions.  They can help you strategize growth strategies or analyze the one’s you have implemented.  As much as we love to run these things by our friends and family, the employment of a consultant can give you a clearer picture of what will and will not potentially work.  You literally have an opportunity to pick another professional’s brain beforehand, and learn what worked for their business by consulting with them.  There is no better knowledge than firsthand knowledge, straight from a sources mouth.  In order to do this, you have to invest in yourself, because that kind of valuable knowledge won’t come for free.  However, the return on investment will make it more worth it than you can imagine.

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Something special…A GIVEAWAY!

You may not be convinced that you need to invest in yourself or business with coaching or consulting services, just as I wasn’t prior to me seeing that my business was’t growing the way I wanted it to grow.  I hate that I didn’t know then what I know as far as investing in myself.  Its one of the main reasons that I’ve chosen to do a 30-minute coaching session ($200 value) giveaway for one lucky gal (or guy).  I want to give an opportunity to someone and help them get to where they want to be.  To enter for a chance to win, click the button and fill out the form below:


Ready to invest in yourself?  Head over to my Coaching & Consulting Services page to find out more about how I can help!

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