Last month I received another awesome VoxBox from Influenster.  I was so stoked, because I love being able to try new products out, especially ones that I’m not all too familiar with.  The good thing about VoxBox’s are that you get a good mix of well known commercial products, that are full-size mind you, and lesser known ones.

You can check out everything I received in the photos below, plus hear me give an overview/review in the video above.


The #TLCVoxBox was geared to moms, bundled with products that helps mom take a little more care of themselves.

Influenster TLC Vox Box Overview | #voxbox #review #overview #boxunveil

Do you not love this retro looking packaging?!  I love retro things, even if they’re not really retro, haha!  I remember using good old Ivory soap with I was a little girl.  I’ve since used many other bars soaps, to include Dial, Lever 2000, and my current favorite and go-to Dove.  I haven’t gotten around to using the Ivory yet, since I don’t switch up my bar soaps very often at all, but I’ll most likely keep this one on hand for travel.


I love, love, love Puff tissues.  I tend to have pretty jacked up sinuses, with gross post nasal drip and by far Puffs always get the job done.  They never leave my nose feeling rough and they are the most soft tissues you can use.  I keep a pack of them in my purse all the time, so to beta bonus one was great!  Now, I have an extra one on hand for when the current one runs out.

I rarely get gas since I don’t leave the house much, but the next time I get gas I’ll have to try out the Shell fuel rewards card.  We get points for shopping at Kroger to get 10 cents off gas, and you can either get gas at Shell or $1 off Kroger gas.  I’ll have to look into how the two point systems work together, if they even do.  Nonetheless, I’m aways one for saving, especially on gas.  It can be so expensive, nearly $4 in some months this year!

Influenster TLC Vox Box Overview | #voxbox #review #overview #boxunveil

Feast your eyes on the delicious above and below!

Influenster TLC Vox Box Overview | #voxbox #review #overview #boxunveil

Yes, the Breyers Triple Chocolate Gelato was as delicious as it looks.  No seriously, it was.  There are no other words, except I wish it came in a large container.  You can only get about 4 serving out of it.

Influenster TLC Vox Box Overview | #voxbox #review #overview #boxunveil


And last but not least, Neosporin and #AvonANEW.  The Neosporin was nifty, because you can literally take it anywhere.  I think the sizing is super fitting with the summer activities and perfect for mom’s purse, not taking up too much room.  I’m sure most of us moms can agree that we have everything and the kitchen sink in our purses, so it nice to have something that doesn’t take up too much room or weigh it down.  I’ve also always attached little doo-hickeys like these to my key, so I don’t have to dig around for it and for quick use.

As far as for the #AvonANEW, I’m not quite into anti-aging products yet, but it looks to be really good stuff.  If the product is anything like the packaging, then this product is definitely effective.  Its the full-size, so when I do start using it, I know it’ll last me a good while.

Have you all tried any of these products? – If you have I’d love to know what you think about them!

Also, if you’re not a member of Influenster but love trying out new products, I highly recommend signing and joining, so you can receive awesome VoxBox’s too!

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  1. I have similar problems with sinuses and I haven’t noticed Puffs here in Croatia but I did find a decent replacement for them so all is well. I’d love that Neosporin to go in my bag!

    1. Yeah, fortunately this year wasn’t that bad for me (probably, because I didn’t go out much), but Puffs always gets the job done. Its great you were able to find a good alternative. The worst thing is a tissue that doesn’t work and makes your nose dry and sore!

  2. I love getting Influenster boxes, they are always filled with goodies. The gelato is delish! Did ya like it? That neo on the go is a great invention too, hah. I’m so clumsy I keep one in my car. Happy Friday!

  3. My sinuses have been jacked lately too. So I always need good tissues in my purse!
    Neo on the go is brilliant! Otherwise it’s a big old mess in my purse. And it’s a must with two kids.
    So is gelato!

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