You guys I know I totally said there was going to be a Freebie Friday today, but I lied.  I didn’t mean to and I’m sorry!  But, in exchange, what I do have for you is a little bit more about me!  Erin over at Two-Thirds Hazel is back with round 3 of her Blogmopolitan Quiz.  I always enjoy doing her quizzes and couldn’t miss out on doing this one and sharing it with you all.  If you’d like read my other two Blogomopolitan quizzes, you can find them here and here.

And now, on to the newest one:

I Lied, but I'm Making Up For It! {Blogmopolitan Quiz #3} |

Fun, huh!  If you want to do the quiz, head over to Two Thirds Hazel and download it.  She even has a link up for it, so you can read a ton of other bloggers’ quizzes.

Have a lovely weekend, and Freebie Friday will return next week!  Don’t forget to link up at Creative Style tomorrow evening, the party starts at 8 P.M. EST.  Also, Turn It Up Tuesday is open for a couple more hours, so if you haven’t linked up make sure you do!


Tenns Reid

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  1. I love summertime too and my favorite time of day is the same as yours! Actually, the only place we differ is I am known to be introverted and shy – but that’s only until I get to know someone. Then I usually come out of my shell!

  2. You have the answers of a new mama for sure! 🙂 I definitely agree about hubby and JR and chocolate! I love me some chocolate. I haven’t been in the mood for it lately with this pregnancy. I think I craved it like once.

  3. Love chocolate! Not sure I could live without it! Okay actually I know I couldn’t, tried way too many times to give it up without success! Stopping in from the link-up! Happy Monday!

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