I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday weekend and happy 4th of July! I wanted to pop in an wish you a safe, blessed, and fun weekend and share a freebie that I created just for you. I’m all about goal-setting this month, so naturally this month’s freebie is based on making goals and accomplishing them!

Happy 4th of July | BlissandFaith.com

I have an exciting sleuth of goals on my agenda for this month, and I’d love for you to join in with me in goal-setting! I believe by sharing my goals that it allows me to hold myself more accountable, as well it allows you to do so as well. It would be awesome if you would share your goals with me throughout the month, and let me know how you’re using the goal-setting freebie download I’ve created for you!


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Can’t wait to see how you use the worksheet! In the meantime, have a lovely weekend! If you missed any of this week’s post, you check them all out below and catch up:




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