In the true spirit of what Bliss & Faith is all about, I’m so stoked to make this announcement today! I won’t waste anytime giving you all the juicy details, since you already know what this post is about given the headline. Starting this month, I’m going opening up the Bliss & Faith blog to feature fellow small business owners every Saturday in a new series called B&F Small Business Saturday. The reason? Well, Saturday is Small Business Day here in the US, so I couldn’t think of a better way to promote fellow small business owners in the creative niche.

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We all have a mission to run a profitable business, and with that comes the need for promotion. However, the B&F Small Business Saturday Series isn’t just about promotion, its about sharing our business practices, processes, systems, and giving new audiences a behind the scenes look into our businesses.

One of the best ways to grow our businesses is to get them in front of new eyes and actually let people know we exist and are on the map. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to just create something and have tons of people flock to our websites or stores to buy it. It takes hard work, time, and the support of others in our communities to grow our businesses to a profitable and successful place.

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The Mission

The mission of Bliss & Faith is to teach fellow creatives about blogging, business, and design and I feel so passionate about being able to fulfill part of it with the Small Business Saturday series. I can’t wait to feature YOU and help get your business out there for new eyes to see and support. Don’t be shy, like for real…seriously, you can’t grow a business being shy and never putting yourself out there. You have to take advantage of the opportunities extended to you that can help grow your business. The great thing about this series is that its 100% free and by participating in it, you become part of a community of other passionate creatives who have the same dreams and goals as you do. What better company to be in and get support, feedback, and help from.

The Goal

I’m hoping to take the Small Business Saturday series to a larger scale in the future, but for now I will start small, because in business there’s always room for growth. I have so many plans and dreams for it to become a real force to blaze the trail for promoting and teaching our passionate creative community. I believe this series will not only help other small business owners better their businesses, by obtaining new insight and being able to relate to like minded others, but that it will inspire those who have dreamt of starting a business and haven’t quite had the confidence to do it. The sky’s the limit for us creative small business owners and that’s one of the main goals of the series. I want it to be conveyed to others that they’re not alone, and that many of us start from the exact same place or similar circumstances.

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Who’s It For?

If you want to own a business and be your own boss, following this series will give you the motivation to jump in head first. If you already own a business and want to share your journey and help fellow business owners the Small Business Saturday series is for you! And lastly, if you want to be a part of a community of supportive, intriguing, hardworking, and passionate creatives who just so happen to run awesome businesses and want to become one of them as well, this series is for YOU!

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How to Join?

I’m making the process to join theSmall Business Saturday series super simple! All you need to do is fill out the short form below and once I receive and review it, I’ll be back in touch with you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail!

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The Small Business Saturday series can only exist if people actually participate, so I invite you to join and to share this post with as many of your friends and fellow creative small business owner as possible. A community is only as good as those who are in it, so let’s make this one a great one! Small business owners need support, and even more importantly they need community. In today’s times its extremely hard to get that, because so many people are only in it for themselves. We have to change this, because this type of mindset doesn’t foster success, good will, or trust, three of the main things that businesses need to build a name for themselves and be profitable.

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